Almost Getting In A Wreck | Flying In A Short Lucid Dream

Dream 1

My coworker Mr. CF was possibly in an earlier forgotten part of this dream that took place in another city, maybe the city of LC, but I can not remember.

I just know that at the end of the dream I was riding in an automobile during the day with an unknown person (maybe a man), my female coworker MA’s son GA, and my female coworker JB was driving; and we were on the highway that leads to the city of D, and we had just arrived back in the city of D.

We were still on the outskirts of the city, and we stopped at a fictional drive-through food stand on the left side of the highway that was owned by my female coworker TR and her husband JR.

The unknown person next to me in the back seat tried to order a certain burger, I can not remember the name, and several other things; but TR told them that they had gotten rid of some of those items, and had renamed the rest to something else.

The unknown person ordered a burger (hamburger), but I am not sure what else; and TR and JR made the food, we said goodbye, and we started to drive back to the highway.

Somehow either the unknown person or MA’s friend Mr. D was driving now instead of JB, and I am not sure if she was even still in the dream or not now (maybe she was in the front passenger’s seat now, but I am not sure).

As I was starting to tell the new driver that things looked clear from the direction that I was looking, they started to drive into the highway without looking first as I then told them that I was wrong, and that a vehicle was approaching fast.

The vehicle swerved to avoid us fortunately, otherwise we would have been hit at high speeds from the right side, but that vehicle almost flipped as their vehicle lifted in the air almost completely sideways still driving on only two wheels before safely landing normally.

Fortunately no one was injured, I wondered how did I not see that vehicle at first, and why did the person driving not look first themselves before driving into the highway.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

This was a short dream I had after briefly going back to sleep, and this dream became a lucid dream after I quickly realized that it was a dream.

In this dream I was inside a building, I quickly realized that it looked familiar, and to me it reminded me of the back employee area near the hallway on the left side at The BP Library.

I decided to see if any of my coworkers were around, I knocked on the wall outside a fictional office that had the door open, it looked a bit like a fictional combination of Mrs. EC’s office and Ms. JM’s office with more empty space and room.

I heard the sound of what sounded like running water or someone urinating in the room, I knocked and I said something several times but no one responded, and so I walked into the room to see that no one was inside it to my surprise and confusion.

So I was confused by what was making or had made that sound, and I felt stupid and silly for standing there knocking and saying something several times only to realize that no one was in there; and I probably laughed.

I then noticed how this room and what I had seen so far looked familiar but how it looked different from in real life, and then I realized that this was a dream so the dream became a lucid dream now.

I felt a slight shift, I guess as part of my conscious part of my brain activated in the dream world now that I knew that it was a dream or maybe the dream briefly became unstable at that moment, and maybe I even saw a brief physical representation of this shift that may have looked like a clear distortion like a brief ripple in water effect in the air.

I decided to check a few more areas for some of my coworkers before exploring the dream world, I saw no one in the next two offices, and my female coworker KE was not at her desk; and so then it was time for me to explore the dream world.

I walked out to the patron main areas, it was completely different and larger and nicer, and at the back was a church-like area with pews and a 1/2 story above it with movie theater-like seating.

I decided to see if I could fly, and so I ran and I jumped in the air; and it worked, I was able to float, and fly very slowly as I started to move my arms like someone swimming in the air.

I quickly remembered that I could just fly with my mind instead of swimming through the air with my arms and that I could fly faster that way, so I stopped and I thought about where I wanted to go and at what speed, and I started flying with my mind without moving my arms et cetera; and this was faster and easier, but it takes more concentration than my normal flying technique.

I then flew over the church-like area of pews, I was then going to fly up to the 1/2 story of movie theater-like seats overlooking it, but then I finally noticed a dream character; so I flew over there to see who it was.

It was an unknown woman behind a wooden half-circle desk that had some shelves behind her, and an open door that led to another room.

The woman was working on something, I remember seeing something involving colloidal silver, but I can not remember the details; but the woman did not notice me flying by.

I did not stop to get her attention or to talk to her, I kept flying on my way up to the 1/2 story of movie theater-like seats overlooking the area of church-like pews, but when I looked back at something with my eyes looking up at the top corner that somehow caused me to wake up accidentally (maybe I accidentally closed my eyes for a second or something or I felt my eyes move in the real world or I accidentally activated my wake up from a dream technique that I taught myself when I was a kid).

The end,

-John Jr

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