An Assassination Attempt Against King John Jr?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was inside a large building, and there was a job or something that needed to be done that required one or more tools that were big enough for the job or task; and so some people were going around asking everyone if their tool or tools were big enough.

Someone asked me if my tool was big enough, I had a somewhat larger than average silver metal tool (maybe a wrench), and I replied yes; and then they moved to the next person.

The next person was a man, the person asked him if his tool was big enough, and the man jokingly replied to the question by saying that: “Yes… my tool is big enough.”; and he smiled and laughed while looking around to see if we got the joke.

I probably just shook my head (as a sign of disappointment, like really?) once I realized his joke, and I woke up.

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Dream 2

This dream is unclear but it seemed to take place in a dream world that was possibly either combined with a video game world or it was a video game world or something weird like that (but I did not know this at first), and at some point in the dream I was in a city that was like a fictional version of the city of LC during the day.

I remember driving around to go shopping or something in an area that looked like P Lake Street, I remember parking outside an office or bank-like building at the edge of the parking lot of a mall where there were other businesses in the parking lot as well, and the government seemed to be anticipating an attack; and so police and paramilitary units showed up looking for the whoever they thought might attack.

I tried to avoid them to avoid getting caught up in any of this, and eventually I went inside the mall.

Various things happened inside the mall that I can not remember unfortunately, which makes this dream very unclear, but I possibly met some people who explained the situation of this dream world.

They possibly revealed to me that this was a kingdom that had been invaded, and was being occupied by another kingdom; and that some of the citizens like themselves were fighting back against the kingdom who were occupying them.

Maybe they showed me how to connect to the video game aspect of the dream world to help them defend themselves and take their kingdom back, but I can not remember.

Maybe what you did in the video game world impacted the normal dream world, but I am not sure.

The police and paramilitary forces probably started attacking innocent people in the mall, probably including me, and that probably forced me to defend myself and the others.

I assume that I successfully helped the people defend themselves, and I assume that I went on to help others being attacked; and I assume that eventually I successfully led a growing number of citizens in battles to defend themselves and take back their kingdom until we won.

After winning they got their kingdom status back, and they chose me as the new king even though I was just a commoner; and I assume that they chose me as the king because of the successful battles that I led, and because the people liked me.

The next thing that I remember is being inside what definitely seemed more like a video game world on a world map of a real time strategy-like video game, and I was at my castle.

The dimensions of this place was smaller than normal but it still looked pretty real, the castle and the entire kingdom that I now led was all in view because of the smaller video game map-like dimensions of the dream world.

From my castle I saw the castle and kingdom of another kingdom that was led by a queen with light-color skin with dark-color hair, her kingdom seemed peaceful like mine, and they had not attacked us yet; but one or more aggressive kingdoms attacked us, and a small attack was made against the neighboring kingdom led by a queen.

I led my forces, and we defeated the attacking enemy forces forcing them out of our kingdom; and I offered to help the queen of the other kingdom, but they were able to handle the small attack force on their own.

The queen did thank me for the offer in person outside our castles, I felt that together we would probably be able to defend against any attacks from the aggressive kingdoms, and that we could probably defeat those aggressive kingdoms and finally bring peace.

It seemed that her kingdom was more peaceful like mine, only defending itself instead of attacking et cetera, but I needed to investigate her kingdom more.

I did tell her about my idea of us possibly becoming allies (and in my mind I thought that maybe even a marriage alliance might make sense depending on how things went with my investigation, and as we got to know each other better over time).

I returned to my castle after our brief conversation outside, at some point it was evening or night, and I decided to call the queen to let her know that I forgot to mention that I was not royalty even though I was a king and how I had been chosen by the people after helping them get their kingdom back.

I thought that she should know this, I assumed that would likely end the chance of a marriage alliance in the future because I was not royalty, and so I called her by phone and I told her.

I also let the queen know that I still would like for us to be allies one day soon if things work out as expected, she paused like I was correct about what I told her ruining any chance of a future marriage alliance, and she told me that after our conversation earlier that she talked with her intelligence officers (spies) about my kingdom and I.

She told me that her intelligence officers had already told her what I had just told her, so she already knew, but she thanked me for letting her know.

She said that she would need to talk to her counsel et cetera about whether she would agree to a future alliance or not; and that she would let me know what they decide.

The next thing that I remember is that I assume that the queen had invited me somewhere and sent I assume a self-driving vehicle to pick me up to take me to wherever we were to meet, and for some unknown reason my female coworker TR was there too.

We sat in the back seat, our driver was probably an artificial intelligence system on a screen that looked like a man with light-color skin wearing a light-blue driver’s outfit with a dark-blue hat or it was a real person who was remotely controlling the vehicle from somewhere else, and he was friendly.

There was possibly some robot arms with a torso under the screen to make it look a bit more like a real person was driving, and I remember us driving along what looked like the highway that leads back to the city of D like we were headed to the city of D.

The driver took a fictional back route that was a small road that went through the woods that led all the way back to the city of D, this was a familiar route to me because it is sometimes in my dreams, and I had false memories of using this route sometimes.

TR said that she had heard of this route but had never taken it before, and so this was her chance to see what it was like and to learn it.

At some point the driver started driving too fast toward a sharp turn in the road, this worried me, and then I noticed it seemed that he was not going to be able to make the turn; and then I noticed that he stopped like either someone had stopped the AI driver or whoever was controlling the vehicle stopped intentionally.

The steering wheel did not turn so the vehicle drove off the road through the curve toward two trees, if we had hit them TR and I would have probably died, but fortunately we missed the trees; and our vehicle flipped a lot of times until it finally stopped upside down.

We survived the crash but TR was probably unconscious, and so I had to carry her out of the vehicle.

I wanted to call emergency services and then the queen to let her know what had happened, but sensed that there was a possibility that this was an assassination attempt against me.

I felt that it was safer to have them assume that I was dead for now until I figured this out, and so I called my people so that they could pick TR and I up; and we hid in the woods, TR woke up and was alright, and my people picked us up and took us back to my kingdom.

At some point I called the police to let them know that I had been involved in the crash, the police said that no one was involved in the crash, and that it was just an empty self-driving vehicle that crashed.

I explained to him that I was in the vehicle along with someone else, but the male police officer repeated himself like maybe this was a cover-up; and that is what they were told to say and to conclude with their so-called investigation.

I told him okay, thank you, and goodbye; and now I felt even more sure that I was possibly correct about that being an assassination attempt.

My first suspects were the queen and her counsel, it seemed that she was open to a possible future alliance until she heard about me not being royalty, and my small kingdom had proven that it could defend itself against a larger more aggressive kingdom; and we were her neighbors, and so maybe her plan was to have me killed so that she could take over my kingdom.

Maybe she would have blamed it on another kingdom, tricked my kingdom to make her their queen, and then attacked the aggressive kingdoms one-at-a-time taking over them all until she was queen of everything.

This would make sense because: her kingdom on its own probably would not able to defend against one of the larger aggressive kingdoms (earlier they only sent a small attack force to attack them while their main force attacked my kingdom), me not being royalty was a deal-breaker, my kingdom was new, I had just been chosen king, I had no wife, I had no children, having me killed especially when I was on my way to meet with a potential future ally made sense because my kingdom would need to pick a new leader, and she could easily position herself as that leader.

But that was just a hypothesis, it was possibly just an accident, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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