Isabelle Antena & Mariah Carey In The City Of D

Isabelle Antena – Àngel Casas Show (1988)

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was maybe late afternoon or early evening in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and I was at what seemed to be a slightly fictional version of my aunt JE’s house.

Isabelle Antena was there for a small private concert I assume, she had a male assistant who looked somewhat like a younger version of Don Lemon, and she probably had her equipment outside in the front yard which is where she probably had her concert.

I assume that Isabelle Antena was in the dream probably because my aunt ME used to live in this house, and Mrs. Antena somewhat reminds me of my aunt ME (they look somewhat similar to me, and they both are singers).

I think that I missed each part of the concert during the dream.

I remember being inside the house at some point when I heard music being played outside that I did not recognize, and I was interested in learning the name of the song and who it was by; and so I walked outside.

Isabelle Antena was walking back inside the house, the song was being played over the speakers that she had set up outside where she had performed earlier, and I went to ask about the song and who sang it but her assistant told me that she was not taking any questions right now.

I asked him, but he did not know; and he said that I could ask later after Mrs. Antena took a break or whatever (maybe she was going to continue the end of the concert later), and then I decided to leave to get some food at a drive-through.

It was a little darker now as I drove, when I got to the four-way past the C Elementary School there was a roadblock, and this is where it was clear that The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was still going on.

Some prisoners were working the roadblocks around the city it seemed, they had a few barricades, and you had to wait for them to move the barricades and line-up before they would let you pass; and this seemed to be happening because of the pandemic.

The prisoners lined up forming a lane with two rows of prisoners forming their own road, and you had to drive through the lane of prisoners.

I had to do that to pass, and after passing this roadblock I decided to take back roads to avoid the other roadblocks in the city.

Before I could reach the back roads there was a small event or something taking place outside, and Mariah Carey was there filming a reality TV show I assumed because a film crew was following her around filming her.

Mrs. Carey started roughing someone up and yelling at them, she was pushing them into a corner, she was in their face, but I could not see who it was or if she was hitting that person or not because of the darkness and some objects (maybe a metal fence) in the way.

I am not sure why she was doing this, she seemed very angry in a somewhat unstable way (like someone angry that they can not get something that they are addicted to), and because of this I wondered if it was her drug dealer or something who had failed to get her the drugs that she wanted.

Maybe that is why she was so mad, I had no idea, but from what I saw that seemed somewhat possible for some reason; I had one or two other guesses as well, but I can not remember what they were.

No one was stopping her or saying anything, the person was not defending themselves, and the film crew kept filming; and I kept driving.

Eventually I went along the back roads, most of the fast food restaurants were probably closed, and I was trying to figure out which were open and which one I should go to.

I remember driving past the D Junior High School and maybe even the D High School on my way toward the street that most of the fast food restaurants are on, and I noticed a new McDonald’s somewhere in this area.

There were signs for it and everything that were lit up (maybe even one about free or discounted vanilla ice cream cones), it had just been built, but it was not open for business yet; and so I kept driving by, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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