King John Jr | An Accident | Tilda Swinton And Getting COVID-19 | Arrests

Dream 1

This dream is unclear but maybe I went into the wilderness on a trip and got lost, there was possibly a fictional woman with light-color skin with black hair with me who may have been my girlfriend, and maybe we found some people who lived in the wilderness; they probably helped us, maybe we decided to live with them, maybe eventually they chose me as their king, but that is just my guess as to what happened.

I just know that at the end of the dream there was a celebration in the wilderness where we lived during the evening, maybe my girlfriend and I were getting married (or maybe we were already married now) or it was to celebrate me being chosen as the king or both, and I had invited visitors.

Some of my family (my parents and my brother GC), some of my family members (like my male cousin EE, my male cousin JE, and a boy with medium-color skin who was either a fictional cousin of mine or was a friend of JE), and some of my former classmates like my former male classmate AM and MP were there as visitors.

I remember being on a ledge of some land that overlooked a river or lake below, some other people at the celebration were on this ledge too like AM, and down below was my assumed wife or fiancée or girlfriend walking toward the water to swim or something wearing a nice black dress with a slit or whatever in it where you could see one of her legs; and I noticed that she had muscle tone like an athlete.

At some point I moved to a seating area behind another ledge where some of my cousins were like EE and JE and my possible fictional cousin and at least one of my former classmates like MP, as I talked with them, and as I listened to them I started to sense possible danger.

I started to suspect that maybe some of my family members and maybe one or more former classmates were possibly slowly making moves (maneuvering) to assassinate me and / or my assumed wife or fiancé or girlfriend and / or something else negative like that.

MP and the others were laughing and joking, but something seemed off as they seemed to slowly be moving into position; and they seemed to notice me looking around noticing this as I looked around for possible threats, and they started trying to distract me it seemed.

I remember trying to figure out whether I was just being paranoid or if I was just misinterpreting what I was seeing because it did not make sense for them to want to do anything like that, and the only thing that made sense was if someone paid them to assassinate me because I was the newly chosen king that maybe someone wanted to get rid of.

As we were starting to move to a new location my assumed fictional cousin possibly partly joked about catching me by surprise, there was something that was said earlier that I can not remember, and he probably planned on sneak attacking me in response to that to see if I am alert enough to stop the sneak attack.

I had my guard up as I tried to figure out what to do, if my assumed wife or fiancée or girlfriend was at risk, and what was the best way to deal with this without risking others getting hurt.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the day outside, I seemed to be at some kind of training and testing for automobile repair work and / or auto mechanics, and there were various people working on automobiles and other types of vehicles as their trainers watched and taught and tested them.

I was walking with my trainer who was a man with light-color skin with yellow / orange hair wearing a blue auto mechanic outfit, and as we were walking by the last vehicle (which was possibly a boat) on the left we heard a sound that sounded almost like a release of air pressure or hydraulics or something like that.

We then heard a man under the vehicle screaming for help, there were not enough trainers to watch everyone, and so no one else heard him screaming for help but us; and so we rushed to try to help him.

He seemed to be stuck like maybe the jack broke and the vehicle had him pinned down, my trainer tried to reach for the jack as he panicked because they had not followed proper procedure because everyone was supposed to have a trainer with them, and so if this man got hurt or died they would be in a lot of trouble.

This was not working so my trainer started yelling for help, another male trainer ran over to help, but they could not reach the jack or the man who was not talking or moving like he was either unconscious or dead.

I was the only one thin enough to fit under the vehicle, and so I crawled under there as the two trainers tried to move the vehicle off the man; but before I could reach the man they started moving the vehicle, and right before this I saw that the man was still breathing it seemed, but he was unconscious.

I had to move with it to avoid getting crushed, I managed to get from under it, but I woke up before I could find out if the man was alive or not.

Dream 3

This dream started during the night inside my parents house, I was in the living room when several unknown people with light-color skin entered the house through the front door like they had just returned from an event or something, and they had a guest with them; and this guest was Tilda Swinton to my surprise, and she probably was wearing a hat and had a jacket on at first but took them off.

Even though I am not sure who the people were who brought Mrs. Swinton, in the dream they possibly lived at my parents house or at least were family friends or something, and they glanced in the dining room table like they were looking for dinner.

Unfortunately there was no diner, only some snack foods, and I went to greet them and Mrs. Swinton.

It was a Saturday night and Toonami was about to start, and my brother GC was in the living room with a mother and child with light-color skin who were possibly from somewhere in Asian (Asian) as they waited for Toonami to start; so that they could watch some Japanese anime (animated) TV shows.

I apologized to Mrs. Swinton and the others about the lack of food, I had no idea that guests were coming, and I asked if they wanted me to check the refrigerator or make or order some food; and they thanked me, but they declined.

I asked them where they had just come from, I think that Mrs. Swinton said that they had just left a movie theater or something related to movies, and then I started talking to Mrs. Swinton as we walked to the living room to sit down on the couch next to the mother and her child.

Toonami was starting, and GC had the TV volume up loud so it was difficult talking to Mrs. Swinton.

The child looked scared of Mrs. Swinton, and so we moved further away from the child to avoid scaring the child.

The dream jumped in time, and during the skipped period of time I had kept in contact with Mrs. Swinton and her fictional daughter who was a woman my age with light-color skin with long yellow hair; we seemed to be friends, but I can not remember if Mrs. Swinton’s daughter and I were dating too or if we were just friends.

At some point I somehow got COVID-19 (the Coronavirus), and I had to be quarantined at a hospital; and Mrs. Swinton and her daughter tried to check up on me often even though they probably could not see me at the hospital because of me being quarantined.

During this part of the dream I did not get to see myself being quarantined and suffering from COVID-19, I saw a montage of Mrs. Swinton and her daughter, and a man / messenger with light-color skin who would sometimes be sent to the hospital to check my condition / status with the doctors / send messages.

One day the messenger went to the hospital and learned that my condition was very bad or that I died, I think that it was just very bad, and so he returned to tell Mrs. Swinton.

Mrs. Swinton was not sure how or when to tell her daughter the bad news about me.

Unfortunately I can not remember what happened after this, there was either another part of this dream or a dream after this that I barely remembered part of, but I can not remember the details now other than my brother GC and I were talking; and so maybe I eventually recovered from COVID-19 in that dream, but I am not sure.

Dream 4

The end of this dream took place during the day, and I returned to my parents yard to see what looked like the police arresting and searching some workers in my parents yard near where the dogs should be.

Further across from them closer to the side by the street was a small building that seemed to be a bathroom / changing room, and some unknown people (at least one young man and one young woman) with light-color skin were near there.

At least two of the workers were handcuffed on the ground, the others were being searched and questioned by the police, and one of them was my former male classmate LT.

I walked over to see what was going on, I probably asked the police, and they mentioned something about searching them for illegal drugs or something like that; and then LT pulled me to the side and whispered for me to be careful because the police might try to plant some drugs in my pockets or already had.

I then went to the bathroom / changing room-like building to check my pockets to make sure that had not already happened, I also feared that maybe LT had planted some drugs on me that he possibly had, and I felt something in my right butt (rear) pocket.

I could not reach it, so I had to partly pull down my pants to reach those pockets; and as I did that the young woman entered the room, she asked me what I was doing, and I told her.

That back packet had a snap or something which is what I had felt, and so there were no planted drugs in my back pockets.

I pulled my pants back up, but I can not remember if I got to finish checking my other pockets before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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