An Accidental Stabbing

I got in bed super late, I could not really go back to sleep after recording part of my second dream, and so I did not get enough sleep; and I forgot most of what I dreamed about including most of the two dreams that I barely remember part of.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that in the dream I got a blog post ready for my SKMEI 1335 watch that I ordered online that I am still waiting to get here so that I can easily make a review of it once I have enough time to use it.

I was possibly in bed in the dream, it was still very early Saturday morning in the dream, and I kept getting the idea to add part of my blog post for that watch to my remote work log that I was going to send later in the day to my supervisor Mrs. JR.

This made no sense because that had nothing to do with my work, but this idea kept popping up interrupting me trying to sleep in the dream.

I considered getting out of bed to add it to my remote work log, but I woke up.

Dream 2

There was more to this dream but I have forgotten most of the dream now unfortunately, but I do know that the end of the dream took place during the day outside and inside upper and lower areas of a college area and a multi-purpose area with an apartment and hotel et cetera.

Some or most of these areas were familiar to me and I had false memories of them, and so maybe I have dreamed of this place before or maybe it just felt that way because I was also there in the forgotten parts of the dream.

Up on an upper area like a hill or small mountain near or on the college campus was a familiar hotel that I had false memories of visiting, it was often used by couples et cetera, it looked like it had once been a nice looking hotel but now it was a bit rough looking.

I remember walking through it thinking about my false memories of it comparing those memories with what it looked like now, I saw various couples as I walked around, and I was also comparing the eating and sitting area to other eating and sitting areas at the college to rank them best to worst.

I went to various college areas comparing them, I ranked a mostly glass eating and sitting area nearby on the college campus as the best, and I remember seeing two of my former male classmates like TC at a college or at an apartment.

TC and my other former male classmate possibly were involved in some illegal medical work, like stitching up injuries or something even though they had no training or license, but I can not remember the details.

There was something in the dream that I can not remember that possibly involved a threat, and maybe my brother CC asked me by mobile phone to go to his apartment to get his two pistols and two-pistol handgun holster and ammunition to move them to a different location; but I can not remember the details.

I do know that CC was not at his apartment, and maybe he was still on a military deployment, or he was avoiding his apartment because of the now forgotten threat.

I just know that Amarna Miller was my girlfriend in the dream, and she went with me to do as my assumed brother CC had asked; I wish that I could remember what this was all about so that I could make better sense of it.

Amarna had a very short (maybe a one-inch blade) keychain push dagger with a black plastic handle and a black plastic sheath (scabbard) that she had attached to the waist of her pants, she would use it sometimes on hikes, and I remember us going to CC’s apartment to get the items that he had requested.

We seemed to be in a rush, so we did not even hide the items, and Amarna put the handgun holster on with both pistols (maybe two mostly silver Colt M1911-like pistols with maybe brown and red and green wood handles) in it along with at least two magazines of extra ammunition.

We left quickly on foot hoping to avoid being seen, at some point we walked by a woman with light-color skin with short dark-color hair that maybe CC knew and who may have been a police officer (if she was then she was off-duty and out of uniform when we saw her), and Amarna turned away suspiciously trying to avoid her seeing the guns and holster and ammunition.

I am not sure but the woman possibly recognized me as CC’s brother, she definitely did not know Amarna, and she probably did not realize that Amarna was with me because Amarna had walked ahead suspiciously turning away to reduce the chances of the guns and holster and ammunition being seen.

I greeted her and I kept walking hoping that she did not see anything, I remember reaching an outdoor area that looked similar to my parents yard, and I went toward what maybe looked like one of the storage buildings.

I remember closing a door as Amarna walked into the alleyway after closing the gate, but then the woman ran over from in the yard yelling “Hey!” at Amarna.

She approached Amarna from the other side of the gate and grabbed her from behind, Amarna did not see who it was who grabbed her because she was still looking away to hide the items, and Amarna told her to let her go; and the woman probably did not see me in the yard.

The woman was saying something to Amarna as she opened the gate still holding Amarna by the arm while walking up very close to her, and Amarna got turned around by the woman to where they were almost face-to-face.

The woman was too close to her, and before I could say anything to explain the situation or get over there the woman paused; and I saw that she had been stabbed in the belly (stomach) by Amarna’s push dagger by accident.

It seemed that Amarna had taken out her push dagger before getting turned around, she had it down close to her body, but the woman walked into it when she got too close to Amarna after turning her around suddenly.

I ran over telling the woman to apply pressure to the stab wound to stop the bleeding, I picked her up, and I tried to talk to her and Amarna about the situation while trying to calm both of them down.

I tried to figure out what to do, the stab wound was shallow, but I still wanted to get her somewhere for medical attention quickly but we were on foot and further away.

I briefly thought about TC and my other former classmate, but they did not have medical licenses; and so that was not an option.

I was going to have to carry the woman to a hospital on foot it seemed.

It was clearly an accident, the woman had probably noticed Amarna’s suspicious behavior like she was hiding something earlier and had decided to confront her about that, Amarna had no idea who was grabbing her from behind, they would not stop when asked, she had only pulled out her push dagger in defense (I guess we were on edge from the now forgotten threat that was possibly connected to why CC wanted us to move those items), Amarna did not stab the woman, the woman had walked into the blade herself by accident because she did not see it down there when she got too close, but I was still worried about what would happen once we got to the hospital.

Amarna was a bit in shock, she felt bad even though it was not her fault, and so I had to juggle trying to continue to calm her down while also trying to get the woman to stay calm and stay awake and apply pressure to her wound as I carried her.

I also asked them what happened from both of their points of view to make sure that I had the facts straight, and to make sure that we all agreed about this being an accident; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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