Flying And Trying To Use Other Dream Powers

Kane Hodder in Jason X (2001)
Titles: Jason X
People: Kane Hodder
Source: IMDb

I do not feel like typing my dreams today, and so I will try typing short versions of my dreams without all the details today; but I usually fail at this and end up typing most of the details. 😀

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in the city of D, there was a small fictional new Chinese-style restaurant that opened inside a building near Burger King, and there were rumors about this restaurant like: possible illegal activities, possible health code violations, maybe a connection to organized crime, and maybe that it was a front for something else.

This new restaurant seemed to possibly be owned by and had employees from maybe Eastern Europe (maybe Russia and several other countries).

I went there to check it out myself, I waited for a while for an employee to show up, and as I waited it did start to seem suspicious and I started to be concerned about the health and safety standards.

I remember my former male classmate RB entering the restaurant, I greeted him, and he cut in line in front of me; and he did not seem to want to talk really.

Some other people cut in line in front of me as well, and at some point an employee finally came out to take our orders.

I remember ordering maybe General Tso’s Chicken with rice and one or two sides, but they did not have my sides; and so I told them, but they probably tried to argue with me about it.

I did not waste my time arguing though.

Dream 2

This dream took place at a school where I seemed to be a student, so I went to several classes during the dream, and during the dream there was something somewhat game-like taking place involving a semi-immortal Jason Voorhees-like man or entity that we had to fight and avoid.

We had radar, my watch had radar, that would let us know if he was nearby.

Some of us had fake-looking (plastic-like) guns that could really shoot, but I am not sure what type of ammunition they shot.

I had an FN P90-like submachine gun, the front was like an FN P90 but the back looked like a certain submachine gun whose name I can not remember, and it was a submachine gun instead of a personal defense weapon so it was shorter than a FN P90.

We could kill or knock out the entity temporarily, but after a while he would come back to life or wake up; and then he would walk around the school slowly looking for victims.

Thanks to the radar, weapons, and being able to disable him for periods of time we were able to still have school; but we had to stay alert.

Several other students and I probably fought the entity a few times, and then I remember being in class with those same students and my female coworker CR and various other students.

I remember us checking our radar and having our guns ready, at some point class was over, and I went looking for a bathroom because I needed to urinate.

The entity came back to life or woke up, during the chaos my watch got broken, and so I did not have radar to track the entity with now.

I remember seeing CR, and she mentioned where a bathroom was without giving me directions though; and I went to look for the bathroom, and I remember seeing and briefly talking with Joaquin Phoenix and several other people as I looked around for the bathroom.

A man with light-color skin with somewhat wild short yellow hair who looked somewhat like a rougher version of my former male classmate RB (it was not him) joined me on my search, and we reached a police station-like area with police et cetera.

A male police officer with light-color skin handed us two wanted posters telling us that they were looking for a dangerous criminal, the wanted criminal looked like the man who was with me but crazier, and I quickly realized that it was him.

The man looked worried, I tried to act like I did not notice, and we kept walking; and I tried to figure out how to tell the police without him noticing.

We walked down a dimly lit hallway and when we reached the end outside a door the man somehow figured out that I knew, he started to change, and I ran to the room behind me.

It seemed that he partly transformed or something, and he started attacking the police and other people in the hallway.

I eventually ran back into the hallway, he looked a bit different now and even more crazy and dangerous than on the wanted poster, and he seemed to have powers.

The police were getting destroyed, I am not sure if I realized that I was dreaming at this point, if so the dream became a lucid dream, if not it seemed more like a semi-lucid dream at least, and I started using dream powers to fight and escape.

I remember flying and dodging his attacks, and maybe he started summoning semi-transparent creatures and / or spirit / ghost-like creatures who could fly (some looked dinosaur-like).

I remember trying to shoot energy blasts and fireballs, trying to use telekinesis (to destroy / exorcise them almost like how Mob (Shigeo Kageyama) does), trying to teleport, trying to use super speed, and more.

I had a difficult time using my dream powers other than flying, my dream powers probably only worked sometimes, and so I was desperately trying all kinds of dream powers and using my mind to try to imagine them working hoping that would make them work.

I am not sure how well this was working because I was flying around dodging all the flying spirits / creatures whatever.

I probably did not finish defeating the man and his summons, I decided to probably go find the other entity to see if I could defeat him with my dream powers, and then go back to fight the others.

I felt that I needed more time to figure out how to better use my dream powers because I was struggling to use them, but I woke up when I teleported or flew back in the school hallways.

The end,

-John Jr

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