Shoenew? | Angry Joe At A Motel

Dream 1

Near the end of this dream I remember walking through a building, and during this time I got stopped several times by several old people with dark-color skin who knew my dad.

At the beginning of each conversation several of them said that at first they almost thought that I might be a woman, which made no sense to me because I do not look or walk or act or dress or sound et cetera like a woman, and I was bald in the dream; and so this confused me, but I did not ask why they thought that.

Later at the very end of the dream I was with a group of people in the parking lot of a park that looked a bit like W Park in the city of D, but larger and somewhat different.

I think that we were sneaking from a van, the others sneaked into the park, and I was the last person still in the van as a man with light-color skin with long hair started trying to open the back of the van for his dogs or something could jump inside.

I managed to sneak out a side door before they opened the back door, and I started sneaking through the parking lot and to the park.

I saw and heard a woman with light-color skin telling someone about a custom or rule or law or something in her country that sounded like Shoenew, and she said that a virgin could invoke Shoenew (the rule or law or custom or whatever) to have someone have sex with them.

It seemed like Shoenew was a rule or law or custom that a virgin could use / evoke to make or compel someone to have sex with them, I wondered how could something like that be legal, and I thought that seemed pretty messed up and like it could be considered almost rape in some countries.

It seemed that people in her country were expected to get married at some point, have children, et cetera.

I guess reproducing was so important to their culture that they created a rule or law or custom to try to make sure that everyone has sex at some point to increase the chances of them passing on their genes I guess, and so I guess they did not want anyone to stay a virgin forever.

The woman told whoever she was talking to that she was a virgin, and that maybe someone else would use / invoke Shoenew to / on her.

I am not sure what would happen if a person refused the rule or law or custom of Shoenew, and I assumed that maybe you could not use it on certain people (people who are married, dating, underage, et cetera).

Anyway, I continued my way further into the park, and at some point I saw this same woman again; and I noticed that she looked muscular to my surprise, and she probably noticed me and recognized me from earlier and possibly asked if I was following her.

I told her no, I just happened to be passing by the first time, and now we just happened to be in the same part of the park again.

I probably asked her about the rule or law or custom or Shoenew, she did not really explain it, but she did say a few things about it before I woke up.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a fictional one-story motel suite with several other people including Angry Joe (Joe Vargas), Other Joe (Joe Lopez), Alex, and maybe one or more people.

At some point I remember Angry Joe and I talking in a room on the far left side of the motel suite that had a door that led outside to the parking lot, but we heard some loud music with a lot of bass blasting outside.

It sounded like the music was coming from an automobile parked right outside this room in the parking lot, and Angry Joe got so angry that he started hitting on the door and the wall trying to get them to stop the music.

This did not work, so he opened the door to look outside, and we realized that the noise was coming from the other side of a house on another street that looked like right across the street from The E House.

The volume of the music and / or the bass must have been super powerful to sound like it was that close, the music probably stopped shortly after this, and then I went to a house.

There was an old woman with light-color skin with curly hair in an Afro-like style wearing glasses who was a somewhat famous far-left (politically) figure from maybe South America who a fictional friend of mine knew, she lived at this house, and I went inside the house to see my male cousin ME and a thin man with dark-color skin with short black hair doing some remodeling inside the house it seemed.

I greeted ME and the other man first, I offered to help them, and they had me help them move a very large heavy folded up tent; but that is all that they needed help with.

I then went to another room to greet the old woman, and I briefly talked with her.

She probably talked about some of her books that she wrote, and some other things that she worked on from a far-left perspective especially back when she lived in South America I assume; and this included her work as an activist.

Then I saw my former coworker Mrs. PH talking to ME and the other man, and so I walked over to greet her.

Mrs. PH was talking with them about the remodeling job that they were working on, she and / or the other woman had hired them it seemed, and so I assume that Mrs. PH lived in this house as well.

I remember Mrs. PH joking with the other man about how he had started singing or knew about the song Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson, and I briefly talked with them before returning to talk to the old woman.

I went to ask the old woman to explain Shoenew to me (from the previous dream), and she started explaining it and similar things to it used in some other countries; but I can not remember the details.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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