Casio A178WA-1AV

What Is It?

The silver color Casio A178WA-1AV watch.

Casio A178WA-1A Unisex Classic Casual Chronograph Digital Dial Alarm Dual Time Watch Review Video

What is it about?

This is how Casio describes this watch:

A tried and true style that always remains in fashion.

With its daily alarm, hourly time signal and auto calendar, you’ll never need to worry about missing an appointment again.

And did we mention that it also has a 10-year battery?

This is how Amazon describes this watch:

Case / bezel material: Resin / Chrome plated

Adjustable Clasp

Stainless Steel Band

Resin Glass


LED backlight Afterglow

Dual time

1/100-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 23:59’59.99” Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times

Multi-function alarm (One-time or 7-time snooze)

Hourly time signal

Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)

12/24-hour format

Regular timekeeping: Hour, minutes, seconds, pm, month, date, day

Accuracy: ±30 seconds per month

Casio Illuminator A178W | Men’s Fashion Watch Review

My Thoughts

I got this watch (wristwatch) from Walmart in the city of D back at the end of 2016 I think after I started working at The BP Library.

I possibly had not worn a watch since my previous Casio watch had finally broken, and I wanted something that I could use to keep a better eye on the time at work.

Furthermore, I also wanted a stopwatch to use during my jogs and to time my lunch breaks, and after picking and quickly taking back another Casio watch, I chose this one.

This watch served me well somehow surviving bumps against pillars, walls, shelves, doors, carports, desks, and more with only: some scratches, a crack on the glass or plastic face, and some lettering is fading under the glass or plastic face from pressure / impacts I assume.

I wear it all-day, I take baths with it on, swam with it on, et cetera.

Now this year (2020) the time on my watch has magically changed back to years ago randomly three times this year along with the screen going blank briefly.

So maybe it is getting time for its first battery change, or maybe my watch will break soon.

If this watch had a timer like the SKMEI 1337, which is basically a clone / copy / ripoff of my current watch, then I possibly would have gotten another one; because that would be helpful for cooking, and better for timing lunch breaks.

Either way I felt that it was time to try another watch, I was going to get another Casio watch, but my brother GC helped me decide to try the SKMEI 1335 (which is heavily based on the Casio AE1200WHD-1A).

So that watch will be replacing this watch because I wanted a watch with a timer, and I wanted to try something new and in a new color (gold this time).

Battle of The Metal Bracelet Digitals: Casio 3234 vs SKMEI 1337

The end,

  • John Jr

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