College | A Knee Injury And Healing | Morning | An Arm Brace And Barbecue

Dream 1

I had this dream when I took a nap on the living room couch at some point after watching the last episode of the TV show Homeland (Season 8).

At the very end of the dream I was at a college, I can not remember any of the details other than it was evening or night, and I remember walking through the college inside and outside on my way somewhere.

During my walk I saw and briefly talked to various people including some familiar fictional dream characters based on real people, and some real people like maybe some former classmates and The Assistant Director of The BP Library Ms. JM.

I saw Ms. JM either before I reached some stairs that led up to a building or after when I entered the building, I also saw a fictional familiar older man with light-color skin with gray / white hair who I recognized, and I greeted both of them; and we talked briefly as we continued walking.

Inside the building I saw my former male classmate DT standing in the middle of the walking area ahead, I told Ms. JM excuse me because I was about to greet my former classmate who I had not talked to in years, and then I greeted DT.

I woke up as we were talking.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, I am not sure if I was watching this in person or over a TV, either way I was watching what looked like a professional American football game (probably NFL).

One team that was possibly The New Orleans Saints or a team like that, had a Cam Newton-like quarterback (maybe it was him, but I can not remember) who was very important to the team, and maybe at the end of the game a player on the other team intentionally tackled the quarterback in the knee with a dirty (illegal) tackle.

The quarterback was on the ground in pain from a knee injury as a result of the illegal tackle, and he would probably not be able to play the next few games or longer.

That illegal tackle and intentionally hurting another player like that annoyed and bothered me, and I wanted to see if I could heal the quarterback.

In the dream I had possibly recently been experimenting with or had learned to possibly heal things or I started at that moment, and maybe it worked.

I possibly went to see if the quarterback would let me see if my new-found healing ability / powers could heal him or not, he possibly accepted, and maybe it worked; but I can not remember.

I do remember that I wanted to use my healing powers / ability to help other people, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I can not remember most of this dream except for barely part of the end of the dream, and so the context et cetera is unclear.

I am not sure where I was exactly or what was going on, but my guess is that I was on a work trip with my coworkers from The BP Library.

In the dream it seemed that maybe we had all spent the night somewhere, and I woke up the next morning.

It looked like my parents house, I walked into the kitchen to open the curtains, and it seemed that I was one of the first of my coworkers to wake up; but some of my coworkers were waking up as I was opening the curtains.

When I opened the curtain by the front porch I could see a lovely sunrise or sunlight, and I wanted to go outside and walk around and enjoy it; but then to my surprise I saw my female coworker JB sitting at a desk on the front porch near the edge on the front right side.

JB looked like she was possibly about to smoke a cigarette and / or read a book, or she was just outside to finish waking up completely.

I wanted to go outside and talk to her, I was about to go outside anyway, but I decided not to; and I went back to what I was doing.

I remember feeling slightly sad for a second or two but then I felt mostly happy as I smiled as I hoped that the rest of my coworkers would go outside and enjoy the beautiful morning as well.

I saw my female coworkers TR and DT and at least one other walking out of their rooms just waking up, and I considered recommending that they go outside and enjoy the beautiful morning like JB was.

I decided that I would wait and go walk outside alone in the back yard a little later once more of my coworkers get a chance to enjoy the morning outside or after I finish opening all the curtains.

But I woke up.

Dream 4

This dream took place during the day, I remember my brother TDC talking to my mom, and TDC wanted to go to the hospital or doctor to get an arm brace.

TDC wanted to get an arm brace, and send it to our brother CC for some unknown reason.

The next thing that I remember is driving around a fictional city with my brother GC who wanted to buy come barbecue from a fictional drive-through food stand.

GC said that they had some good barbecue, but he could not remember where the building was exactly.

Eventually we found it, a female employee with light-color skin with maybe brown hair was working there, and GC bought the barbecue.

GC wanted ribs, but they were sold out, and so only barbecue chicken was left; but that was okay with GC, but I woke up as we drove home.

The end,

-John Jr

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