Budget Soap | House Hunting And A Fictional Inception

Gustaf Skarsgård, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Hemsworth, and Betty Gabriel in Westworld (2016)
Titles: Westworld, Journey into Night
People: Gustaf Skarsgård, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Hemsworth, Betty Gabriel
© 2018 HBO
Source: IMDb

Dream 1

This dream took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was inside a house or building with my parents.

I told them about some new budget family pack of soap that I was trying out instead of Ivory soap (original), and my mom kept saying something about the cost like it was expensive or something which was not true at all.

I kept responding letting her know that the soap was very low-cost like Ivory soap (the lowest cost family pack of soap), but she kept arguing with me about it and my dad kept supporting her even though they were wrong; and I kept repeating myself trying to explain that they were wrong.

This kept going until I got so angry that I stopped mid-sentence in what I was saying, and I just walked away in anger; and I woke up.

Dream 2

I am not sure if this is two dreams or one, and so I will type it like it was one dream.

This dream took place during the day, my mom was house hunting around the city of D, and at some point she narrowed it down to three two-story houses; and we drove to see one of them.

To my surprise the house was on the right side of a fictional long bridge, like the one that goes to the city of NO, and it was in walking distance to a fictional nicer version of the city of LC that had taller buildings.

We arrived outside the house to see that behind it was the body of water below, so it had a nice view, and to the right was a garage; and there were no neighbors on either side which was nice.

From the outside the house looked nice, the location was nice, except that it was by a bridge that was also a highway.

I do not remember going inside the house, I do remember my mom telling me how much the three different houses cost, and this house was possibly the cheapest.

I then learned that this area was considered to be part of the fictional version of the city of LC to my surprise, the other two houses were in the city of D, but this one was in the city of LC.

I remember us driving to the fictional version of the city of LC because it was in walking distance from this house, and I thought that living here would probably be pretty cool instead of living in the city of D.

I was concerned about how long the drive back and forth to work would be though, and the next thing that I remember is unclear.

It was like I was inside and acting out a fictional version of the movie Inception, I had false memories of going through / acting out various fictional scenes from this movie many times, and in the dream I got to actually experience / act through various scenes several times.

There was shooting, explosions, running, hiding, et cetera through the different scenes of the movie.

I was often with other people as we probably had to survive projections (dream characters) trying to kill us because we were in their dream world(s).

The character Bernard Lowe from the TV show Westworld was one of the projections (dream characters) who had various clones in various scenes, most would try to kill us, but a few were friendly and tried to help us.

I remember us fighting our way through what looked a lot like The E House, we reached an area near a one-story office-like building, and at this building we would always get attacked by a Bernard clone who was an assassin; and there would almost always be an explosion that would happen outside the building.

This time thanks to one of the people I was with, I found out that the Bernard clone assassin would usually blow himself up from inside a car outside the building, he was usually a suicide bomber trying to kill us inside the building; and once I found this out I decided to rush his car, and stop him this time even though his explosion probably would never kill us thanks to the building taking most of the blast.

I rushed his car and I grabbed him out of it, he pulled out a small black Glock-like pistol, and as we struggled I managed to get control of the pistol; and I tried to shoot him in the head with it when I was on top of him on the ground, but the trigger on the pistol seemed to not be working properly.

The trigger was probably loose and would not fire when pulled, at some point we stopped struggling on the ground, and I guess we stopped the scene talking about the malfunctioning pistol.

I guess we took a break and I handed the pistol to the film crew, sometimes I guess we would stop because this was all actually being filmed like a movie, and we were actors; but most of the time it felt and seemed more real.

In my false memories and in the dream itself the scenes would follow a script mostly, but we always improvised some parts leading to slight differences each time that we did a scene again; and scenes were done many times in this dream.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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