Preventing A Dog Attack And Fiona Apple

I remembered barely part of several dreams, I failed to record all of them except for part of one dream, and so now my other dreams are forgotten now unfortunately except that I know that Fiona Apple was in one of them.

Fiona Apple was also in the only dream that I did record part of, the very end of this dream took place inside a building, mostly along a hallway that had an arcade along it.

The floor in the hallway was tiled, maybe a black and white checker board pattern, and at the end was a seating area where you could eat food and drink drinks bought from the food stand for the arcade and nearby gaming area with other types of games (not video games) like pool and air hocky et cetera.

I can not remember if I played any arcade games or not, I just remember a boy with light-color skin with maybe short yellow hair running up the hallway to play some arcade games, and then his slightly older sister who was still just a girl who also had light-color skin joined him like she was watching him until their parents show up.

There was something that happened that I can not remember involving a Rottweiler who was probably about to attack the boy, it was probably going to bite him in the eyes / face, and maul him; but I ran over, and I managed to prevent the attack.

I am not sure if I kicked the dog as it lunged forward or not, I know that was the plan, but I assume that maybe the dog stopped in fear when it saw me running to stop it; and so I probably did not have to kick it.

A man with light-color skin walked over, it was their father, and we told him what had happened; and they all thanked me, and they invited me to join them at one of the tables.

I sat and talked with them at the table, I remember us talking about the near dog attack, and how I was going to kick it if necessary; and we talked about what if scenarios of what would we do to stop a dog attack.

Fiona Apple walked over, possibly with a dog but I can not remember, and she sat along something near the sitting area.

She heard that part of our conversation, I remember saying goodbye to the family, and when I was walking past Ms. Apple she mentioned that she had heard part of our conversation.

Ms. Apple did not seem happy, she had heard something about kicking dogs, and so I started trying to explain; and I remember her somewhat jokingly and somewhat seriously lifting her fist like she was going to hit me, but she stopped herself.

I told her about the near dog attack, that we had talked about kicking dogs in a what if scenario if necessary to stop or prevent a dog attack, Ms. Apple’s anger decreased.

Ms. Apple still was not happy about the thought of someone kicking a dog even if it could save a child or adult from losing their vision or life from a dog attack et cetera, and even if the kick would not hurt the dog much.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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