An Indian Army Defending Property?

I only got about four hours of sleep after going to be super late and waking up early for remote work, and I only recorded the last few bits of the end of my last dream as they faded from my mind as I woke up.

The very end of this dream took place in the past where there was maybe an Indian (India) army that was sent (possibly hired) by a man, maybe a sultan-like man or a wealthy European man (possibly royalty), to maybe guard a walled property (maybe territory) that was on a raised dirt (maybe desert-like or red (orange) dirt) area.

There was also a male magician with light-color skin who could do illusions, but I am not sure if he had real magic or not (possibly).

The assumed Indian army, maybe mercenaries, probably had to defend the property from angry citizens and / or one or more other threats during the dream.

At some point a man who was possibly leading the assumed Indian army and maybe a woman were outside the walled property facing off against the magician who was doing illusions and / or magic.

The head soldier was trying to see through the illusions, and one of them (unless it was real) was the land under the property rising in the air; and they were not sure if this was really happening or if it was an illusion.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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