College Apartments | Talking To President Donald Trump | A Billy Butcher Investigation & Ghoulism?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in college, and I lived in a small one-story white college house-like apartment in a field on the outskirts of the college.

I had to walk back and forth from this location and the college each day, there were several other small college apartment houses nearby, and at one of them lived some men with medium-to-dark-color skin who seemed to be dealing illegal drugs and probably doing some other illegal activities.

I tried to avoid them and that area, usually I saw them hanging outside their apartment and seemly doing suspicious and probably illegal activities as I walked back and forth to the college each day.

At the end of the dream my former male classmates DH and SS were visiting me, and I remember us walking around as I gave them a tour of where I lived and then the college.

I remember warning them about the assumed drug dealers and to avoid them and that area, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and the COVID-19 pandemic in an area that looked similar to or possibly was the same city from the previous dream.

I remember having to walk across some fields near some businesses and another field with some walled areas for various activities, and The President Of The United States Donald Trump and his United States Secret Service agents et cetera were there.

President Trump was there to give a speech et cetera, and somehow I ended up stopping by the walled outdoor area outside where he was to give his speech; and somehow I ended up sitting at a table with him before the final part of his speech or before his speech.

President Trump and I had a surprising conversation when the cameras were not recording and when the others could not hear, and he revealed how he was struggling with dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and getting attacked by the media et cetera so much et cetera.

He said that he was trying but that it was getting overwhelming, and during this he seemed: tired, drained, stressed, sad, overwhelmed, like he needed / wanted help, and a bit unstable physically / mentally / emotionally.

I was surprised by this, especially with him dropping his guard and revealing this side of himself, and opening up to a random stranger like me about his struggles.

I asked him if he has been getting enough sleep, and he replied that he either has not slept or has not been able to sleep much; and this was clear to me based on how he looked and acted as he said this.

I asked him if he has been drinking enough water, if he had tried some meditation, if he had gotten any help from his doctors et cetera, but I can not remember his responses other than one of desperation.

It was an emotional moment, here was someone clearly in need of help but there was nothing that I could do to help them really except listen, and so there was a moment of human connection / empathy as I saw someone clearly struggling and showing their vulnerability.

At that moment politics did not matter, who it was did not matter, whether I like this person or not did not matter, and I just saw him as a fellow human in need and I felt sorry for him and I hoped that he would get the help that he needed.

He had to get up to finish his speech or give his speech, so that moment of vulnerability that he had just showed me disappeared, and he went back to how he usually is like nothing was wrong at all.

After his speech I remember leaving to walk back across the field the near businesses and parking lots, and there were more people around the area than earlier.

President Trump and his Secret Service agents et cetera started walking across the field too behind me to my surprise, and President Trump shook people’s hands and saluted soldiers et cetera as they walked by.

I slowed down, so they caught up to where I was and I saluted President Trump right after he saluted a nearby soldier, and President Trump shook my hand with an extended handshake that seemed to be his way of thanking me for listening to him earlier and showing some compassion.

Unlike in many of my dreams, the Secret Service agents were doing better than usual, and they were on alert.

I thought that it was risky for them to walk across the field like this with so many people around, I looked around for possible threats, and I started to sense danger; and the Secret Service agents seemed to have as well because they started to move in closer slowly forming a better formation around President Trump.

I moved further away to give them space as the Secret Service agents became more alert, and were looking around more for possible threats.

Suddenly from the direction of the businesses there was a disturbance that caused the people to start panicking like maybe someone saw a gun or got shot or something, I heard a woman scream, and people started running from that direction toward our direction and in random directions.

I stopped still looking around for threats as the Secret Service agents started to form a circle around President Trump to shield him, I then saw a boy with light-color skin running in their direction, and so I caught him in the air as he jumped to try to attack them; and then maybe a Secret Service agent grabbed him.

Then I saw a person among the panicked crowd near the businesses who looked like they had been shot maybe, it looked like they had one or two gunshot wounds even though I did not hear any gunshots, and the chaos got worse; and I saw one or more people on top of one of the businesses, and so I wondered if a sniper was somewhere.

The Secret Service agents were probably rushing President Trump away as the chaos got worse, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I forgot most of this dream because it was long and pretty detailed.

The dream took place inside a shopping mall (mall), and I remember walking around shopping and exploring this huge mall that even had an apartment and hotel and more.

At some point I was in a room with my brother GC watching a Japanese anime (animated) movie or TV show, I am not sure which one, and then something happened that I am not sure if it was me watching a different movie that was live action and / or if this was really happening inside the mall.

It involved what seemed to be the character Billy Butcher from the TV show The Boys, he was a detective or private investigator in this dream, and he seemed to be investigating what seemed to be a possible secret society or something similar.

This mall even had gas station convenience store-like businesses inside it, and he visited several of them to investigate.

At each one he would look around, he would stop and look at the refrigerated section, and he would look at the top row where the bottle water and / or some other drinks were; and he would make note of how they were arranged, and he would watch the people paying for things at the cash register and their interactions with the cashier before he left each time.

He started to notice some suspicious patterns with how things were arranged on the top row of the refrigerated section of some businesses, some of them followed the same pattern, and then he noticed some strange interactions at those same businesses between some customers and the cashiers.

He saw an overweight man with light-color skin wearing a brown suit paying for something at the cash register, he said / asked something to the male cashier who had light-color skin was who was balding with very short hair, and the cashier responded back with a negative; and then the man in the brown suit said something strange that seemed to be some kind of signal.

After hearing this assumed signal the cashier then said something or asked a question, and the man in the brown suit said something strange that sounded like it was some kind of code phrase to gain entry to something.

The cashier got something and gave it to the man in the brown suit, they exchanged signs of understanding, and then the man in the brown suit headed to the back like he had been given a key to enter some kind of secret door in the back.

Billy’s secret society hypothesis started to seem true, and he continued his investigation by maybe trying to follow the man in the brown suit or someone else later who somewhat looked like him.

I just remember something about a bricked area, maybe he found one or more secret areas used by the assumed secret society members, and it seemed that bad things were happening in those places to people.

He assumed that maybe human trafficking was involved and that they were torturing, raping, enslaving, killing, et cetera people for fun / sport / whatever in these secret locations.

There was something unclear that happened, you could not really see what was happening except for briefly seeing a man similar to the man in the brown suit with a small female or girl with light-color skin who possibly had rabbit ears and a tail but it was not clear if it was a costume or if she was some kind of unknown humanoid, and something was happening (maybe sex) but you could not see because Billy was probably hiding and a brick wall was in the way.

After that the dream returned to me, and I was walking through the mall near some open entrances to a bricked area with a nice fancy European style hotel-like area that I wondered whether it was connected to Billy’s investigation or not.

The entrance on the left was raised to where you would have to climb up to get inside, I saw a male butler-like man with light-color skin in a black suit standing in a fancy room, and I kept walking by instead of going inside.

At some point it was time for most of the businesses to start closing, it was about 9:00 PM I think, and so many of us started to leave.

I remember walking through the building with lines of people, and I saw various people I knew like former classmates and former schoolmates; and I greeted some of them.

I remember briefly talking to my former schoolmate who was the brother of my former male classmate AJ, we probably briefly talked about AJ who died maybe last year, and then I kept walking.

Ahead of me was a man with light-color skin with dark hair who was talking to a woman with light-color skin about how he hated how an acting style that he sometimes called Ghoul and Ghoulism and Ghoulish has taken over American cinema.

I had never heard of an acting style with this name, so I listened to their conversation, and he mentioned at about what time period that style of acting became the mainstream way of acting in American cinema; but I can not remember the time period.

He mentioned that Ghoul or Ghoulism as an acting style had its place, a limited place that worked for certain occasions, but that it should not be used as the main style of acting.

He felt that acting style was ruining American cinema, he said that Belgian cinema was an example of a country that was not ruined by that style yet, and he saw them as an example that he hoped that American cinema would follow to help save it from it overreliance on Ghoul or Ghoulism as an acting style.

He was very passionate about this topic, it was interesting listening to him going on and on about it, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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