Friendly Fire | Wanted? | A Magic Test?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during a gray day in another country that was possibly in the Middle East, and I was on the ground.

I guess the dream started with me on the ground, I was not sure if I was myself or not, and I wondered if I was homeless because I had no idea why I was on the ground.

I was in an area with dirt, mud, maybe some grass, a small body of water, and a small market-like area with some children and adults around with medium-color skin with traditional clothing for whatever country this was.

I was on the ground looking around trying to make sense of things because I had no idea how I had got here, who I was, what I was doing, et cetera.

I then saw some soldiers who seemed to be American soldiers, they were led by a female soldier with light-color skin with yellow hair who was giving them a stern lecture or speech, and I saw that they had sturdy dark tan or some kind of other military color and style cloth face masks (most of them were not wearing them, but they had them).

I then noticed that I had one of those masks too, I was not wearing it, but I had it maybe hanging on my clothes; and then I assumed that I was a soldier, and that I was with them.

I got up off the ground to join the soldiers, while we were listening to the speech / lecture one of the soldiers accidentally fired his rifle, and the bullet went through the combat boots that another soldier was carrying; and the bullet hit the other soldier in the shoulder I think.

The wounded soldier fell on another soldier, he was in pain, and the other soldier injected him with a syringe that I assumed was some kind of pain medicine.

Then something strange happened where some soldiers started secretly injecting other soldiers with needles / syringes, and then the injected soldiers started acting unstable.

I also saw what looked like hands and / or just needles / syringes quietly coming slightly out the ground to secretly inject more soldiers.

This was causing a chain reaction of instability causing my fellow soldiers to attack each other and act crazy, and I moved into middle of the body of water to avoid getting poked with a needle / syringe.

But I woke up as I stood in the body of water trying to figure out what was going on, and what to do about it.

Dream 2

There was more to this dream and probably another dream before this that I can not remember, but now I can only barely remember part of the end of this dream.

The end of this dream involved me possibly being in college in a fictional city, I had an apartment or dorm on the outskirts of the college or near the college, and the apartment or dorm was a nice small modern one-story building.

It was on the left side of a street near a raised area with a small field and sidewalk, and you could cross that area to reach the college campus.

In that area I would sometimes see a somewhat older man with medium-to-dark color skin who seemed to be homeless, and a girl with light-color skin who was possibly a family member of his or was just a friend of his who also seemed to be homeless.

Sometimes I would see the assumed homeless man doing unusual things like he had superpowers / powers or something like that, he could jump higher than what is possible, and he seemed to fly or glide; but I was not sure if it was just an optical illusion or something like that because he usually only did this when it was darker outside, and when no one else was around except for maybe the girl.

Something happened in the dream that I can not remember where I felt that I was possibly wanted by the police, maybe I was, and it seemed to be some kind of misunderstanding where I was really innocent.

For some reason I felt that the assumed homeless man would be able to prove that I was innocent if I could just find him, and get him to show the police et cetera that he seemed to have powers and that maybe he could prove my innocence (I assume he was a witness or something).

There were cameras in my dorm or apartment and around various areas of the college and city, and so I remember trying to hide my face as I walked around trying to get to a hiding spot.

My parents and one or two of my brothers went to my dorm or apartment and / or they let me hide with them somewhere in the city, I told them that I was innocent, and that I could probably prove it if I could find the assumed homeless man.

My family did what they could to help me, I saw the girl outside near where they usually are, and I took a risk by going outside to ask her where the assumed homeless man was.

I told her about my situation, she told me some things about the man, and where I could find him; and maybe he happened to show up, and we talked.

He told me that he did have powers or special abilities, that he has been alive since the 1600s, and he told me some other things about his life that sounded too unbelievable to be true; but from what I had seen so far it was possibly all true.

I did not think that the police or anyone else would believe any of this, I told him that maybe we should only tell them the parts that seemed more believable, and that he should off his powers to prove it.

But I woke up before I could see whether he would show me some of his powers, and before I could see if he would agree to help me prove my innocence or not.

Dream 3

This dream is very unclear, I was with my dad, and two women with light-color skin who were possibly witches or just people with magic or people who were about to find out if they were either of those things or whether they could learn magic or not.

We all seemed to be doing some kind of test that would either determine if we would be allowed to train in some kind of magic and / or witch school / basic training / academy / whatever or this was our first training exercise / test for that, and if we failed or died we would either not be allowed in or be allowed to continue.

At least two of us knew that we had some minor magic ability, at least one of the women and maybe me, but I can not remember; but I know that none of us had ranged magic / attack magic yet, and we probably did not know what kind of magic we could do (only that we had some magic ability, but probably did not know how to use it).

Our test involved us being sent into the wilderness alone with only one machete, I had the machete, and we had to retrieve something that was at the top and edge of the highest place in this wilderness.

I remember us walking alone a narrow raised area above a body of water, maybe river, and we made our way to the area that would take us to the top of where the object was.

The plants, grass, vines, trees, et cetera in our way got worse near the end; and we saw two snakes, one yellow and one green with both possibly being pit vipers, and they were in the tree / bush to the right of where we needed to go.

My dad crawled under the branches first past them, he made it, but when we were going to attempt it one of the snakes started to move toward us with its mouth open.

We backed up and it stopped, I tried to move forward, and it reacted again; and I ended up hitting it with the machete, and it fell off the cliff maybe.

But when I looked back the other snake was gone, we had no idea where it was, which scared us; and so we decided to let my dad continue alone to grab the object while we wait here looking out for the snake, and any other snakes until he gets back.

I told the two women to continue back the way that we came from, and that I would wait here for my dad and watch out for snakes; and so they did.

I stood there alone still looking around for snakes, my dad got the object, and returned.

I kept a lookout for snakes as he crawled back under the branches toward me, but I woke up as we caught up with the two women; and before we could return to let them know that we had passed the test.

The end,

-John Jr

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