Thank You Hanes For The Free Cloth Face Masks

During this COVID-19 pandemic the Hanes clothing company kindly donated some free cloth face masks to the city of DeRidder / Beauregard Parish, and the mayor / city / volunteers / et cetera distributed them throughout the parish at drive-through pick-up locations.

Up until that point I had wanted a reusable face mask, but I could not find any particular brands or model that were recommended by the government / media / et cetera.

So I hoped that the government / media / medical professionals would recommend a particular brand or model or sell or give away free ones at some point because I only had 1 N95 mask left.

I wanted a premade cloth face mask that hopefully followed recommended design and materials.

So I was happy when I found out about this, I passed the news on to family and coworkers, and I got my 1 free 5 pack of cloth face masks; and I have worn mine every day since.

So I wanted to thank Hanes, the city of D, the mayor, the volunteers, et cetera who made this possible; and I hope that every city, state, et cetera will make cloth face masks available to the public.

I will be buying Hanes the next time that I buy some underwear, socks, and T-shirts.

  • John Jr

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