Working During The COVID-19 Pandemic & A Female Magician / Mystic

File: Brooklyn Museum – Studio Shot of European in Gypsy Costume One of 274 Vintage Photographs.jpg

Both of these dreams took place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dream 1

This dream took place in a gym-like version of The BP Library, and I was there with my coworkers and their children and maybe some other people.

My former coworker Mrs. PH was there too, my female coworker JB and her children and several others were there, and I saw JB several times during the dream.

One part of the building looked like the kitchen at The E House, and I washed dishes in that room during part of the dream.

Outside there was a concert taking place with different musicians from different time periods and from various music styles who were performing, and one of them was probably James Brown.

The people watching the concert were social distancing / physical distancing, and some people were wearing masks (cloth face masks et cetera); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and once again I went to work at a fictional version of The BP Library.

We still were not open to the public, but we still had contactless pickup et cetera.

Several of my coworkers were possibly there, I know that my female coworker JB was there for sure because I saw her several times throughout the dream.

I remember saying hello to JB, then I asked her a quick question, and she gave me a quick one or two or three word response.

That is possibly the only communication that I had with JB and any of my other coworkers during this dream.

At some point I left work for the day, I ended up bicycling with my male cousin DE up a fictional nicer & larger version of N Street that went all the way like you are leaving the city toward the city of LC.

I turned around at some point because either I left something at work and / or maybe I wanted to talk to JB and / or some of my coworkers because I did not talk with them earlier.

I think that work had ended for the day at the library once I got back.

I saw JB sitting on the ground with some other people listening to a woman with light-color skin give a speech, and I walked over to listen.

During this part of the dream I multitasked by trying to listen and pay attention to several things that were going on like: the speech, JB & some others talking, some other people nearby who were watching a female magician or mystic with light-color skin who was dressed like a stereotypical gypsy-like woman or mystic or magician from an older time period with a head covering who was doing magic tricks, three people across the street outside a business, and my own thoughts and daydreams.

The woman giving the speech opened up, and she shared an emotional, personal story of someone she knew of their struggle with something.

This inspired JB to share a personal story about something that her brother had and / or was struggling with.

That inspired an overweight woman with dark-color skin with black hair who was sitting next to JB to respond to their stories while also sharing her own personal story of someone she knew.

I wanted to join in and share a personal story too, but I decided to not interrupt their wonderful moment.

The three women shared a beautiful moment of solidarity as they all opened up about these emotional personal stories of people they knew and cared about.

I was trying to pay attention to this and everything else, and so I missed out on various details of their stories, unfortunately, even though I was trying to listen as much as I could.

Across the street, one of the three people was a poorly dressed, out-of-shape older woman with light-color skin with maybe orange / yellow hair who was standing outside a car.

The second person was her assumed daughter, who was a barely clothed woman with light-color skin with yellow hair was walking away from the car.

The third person was the assumed daughter’s assumed boyfriend was an overweight man with dark-color skin with short black hair who was standing outside the business.

The woman finished her speech and continued talking to JB and the other woman, and I walked over to watch the female magician or mystic performing magic tricks.

At least one other man and I were trying to watch closely to try to figure out how she does her magic tricks, she noticed this, and she kept moving trying to prevent this.

So we literally were following her around as she moved around, almost constantly stalling her magic trick.

I remember her carrying a pot, maybe a cast iron pot, and she threw a small dash of hot water at me that hit me on the back of my neck; and she did this in a somewhat playful way, and it gave her enough of a distraction to start her magic trick.

I can not remember the magic trick or magic tricks that she did, I do know that she spent a lot of time setting up her magic tricks.

She did a lot of performing, like maybe a mystic or an actor putting on a longer show; and she was good at it.

During her magic trick, the other man told me about how some businessmen had this same magician or mystic perform at one of their business meetings or something at a one-story building in the distance that he pointed to, and his response to this was negative.

I continued my multitasking trying to figure out the magic tricks, daydreaming, thinking, glancing at the three people across the street, and trying to hear what JB and the other two women were talking about further away.

The magician or mystic finished at some point, and the other man and I talked with her, trying to learn her secrets.

She would not share her secrets, of course, but she did talk with us about some things vaguely and in a mystical way; and she talked about some things in a straight-forward practical way.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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