Entering A Restricted Area At A College

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I got a private message on Facebook from Mr. D, who is an associate of my female coworker MA, and at some point I went to a building; and Mr. D and MA and MA’s son G were there.

I remember talking to them, that G was in a good mood, and that G was running around playing in the room as I talked with MA and Mr. D.

The next thing that I remember is leaving the building, and I ended up at a college with someone.

The person had a male college professor named M Smith, maybe it stood for Mister Smith, but I am not sure.

At some point this person wanted to try to enter a restricted area at the college that required a keycard or ID to get inside through the keycard lock on the entrance / exit door, and I went with them.

They had gotten one or more paper-like objects, probably some kind of generic IDs or keycards that were maybe given temporarily to some people who only needed to enter that building for short visits or something like that, or it was someone’s lost keycard or ID.

Instead of sticking the objects inside the keycard slot on the lock, the person waved the paper object(s) near the keycard lock sensor at the top of it, and after a few tries that worked.

I was carrying something in one hand, I tried to open the door with the other hand, but I failed on the first try; and so the person had to try to unlock the door again.

On the second attempt we got the door open, and we walked inside.

I did not think that this was a good idea and I said so, but the person continued to insist that everything was okay.

But as soon as we walked inside professor M Smith and two other men with light-color skin were on their way outside, but M Smith stopped to ask the person a question.

The person probably came up with a lie or something, after a pause M Smith fell for the assumed lie, and then he said goodbye as he left the building.

We continued on inside the building, and the next thing that I remember is either us seeing or somehow being outside during late in the afternoon at a nature reserve-like area that is sometimes in my dreams.

There was a wrestling ring, it belonged to the WWE, but we saw no one wrestling; and we somehow had false memories where we knew that little to no wrestling had taken place here in a while.

I remember us wondering how could they afford to pay all those wrestlers, especially the major ones like John Cena who we mentioned specifically, if they were not even wrestling here really.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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