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Dream 1

This dream took place at a multi-purpose building that had: a fictional version of The BP Library, a college, one or more stores / businesses, a medical clinic, and more.

I was working at The BP Library, I guess it was almost time for me to go, but I needed to urinate; and so I went to find a bathroom that had some privacy.

I walked past the front desk where my female coworker JB was working alone, we did not say anything to each other or look in each other’s direction (I do not remember seeing any of my other coworkers or talking to any of my coworkers in this dream, maybe I did and forgot, but I am not sure), and I went to the patron bathroom.

The bathroom was not private enough, and so I went around the other parts of the building after leaving work to find a bathroom with privacy.

Some of my family was inside the building during my search for a private bathroom, I found one bathroom that would have worked, but most of the walls were glass.

The bathroom was in a busy area so people could see you, I still tried to turn my back to them, and urinate; but I could not, and so I continued my journey.

I remember walking through the college, then the clinic, and then to a store where a woman who was with two men asked me if a thunderstorm was coming or not.

I took out my mobile phone to check Google Weather, and while I was doing this someone mentioned something strange like: “The Zatarain’s seasoning company has had black girl bones since day one (until this day).”.

Whoever said this also said a few other negative things about the Zatarain company, I was confused by this, and I had not heard anything about that before.

It sounded like they meant this literally and like maybe they also implied that Zatarain’s had the bones of more than just that one girl, and I wondered if maybe they were also implying that company was involved in slavery in the past and / or something like that and maybe how that and maybe some other things still have an impact today.

I wanted to ask this person about this so that I could try to make sense of what they were talking about, but first I needed to tell the woman about the current weather forecast.

But I woke up before I could do this or ask the person about their strange statements about the Zatarain company.

Dream 2

In this dream I was at a nice fancy modern hotel that was inside a larger multi-purpose building with most of my family except for my brother CC and his family, and maybe my brother TDC and I went to check the entrances / exits / windows in our hotel suite to make sure that everything was locked and secured before we go to sleep et cetera.

We found a fancy glass partly frosted gold trimmed set of double-doors in a back room that were unlocked to my surprise, and when I opened them it led to a nice fancy maybe white marble gold trimmed open mall-like courtyard inside the building.

Suddenly a woman with dark-color skin with started running across the courtyard toward us, and so I quickly closed the door holding it close because I did not have time to lock it.

The woman was hitting on the glass begging us to let her in, she said that some kind of threat was there, and then she pointed behind me; and I saw a small green creature on the wall that I guess got inside before I could close the door.

The creature was smaller than a cat but larger than an insect, I am not sure what it was, but I let the woman inside; and maybe the creature went left the room once I opened the doors again.

Then there was something spreading around the building, maybe a disease and / or the creatures, and it seemed that maybe a deity or a deity-like entity was the cause of this spread possibly indirectly because they possibly did not know that they were spreading it.

The deity or deity-like entity looked like Shaquille O’Neal, so I guess he was a god, and he was going around making contact with people; and some of that contact was possibly sexual.

He did not seem to care, maybe he did not know, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place in the same building as the previous dream, but I was in a gym-like area that had various booths where you buy things.

I stopped at one to shop, there was a young woman with light-color skin with short dark-color hair working there, and I remember talking to her about some of the products for sale et cetera.

One of the things that I was going to buy was an old VHS tape, but she did not know what was on that VHS.

When I was ready to buy the items that I wanted the manager / owner showed up, he was a man with medium-color skin with black hair who was possibly from India or Pakistan, and he had a young man with him who was also an employee; and the young woman was gone now, and the young man was the one I gave my money to when I bought the items.

I then went to a hotel where my same family members from the previous dream and I were staying, but this hotel was not as nice as the hotel in the previous dream.

This hotel was in its own building, and we had a window view to the parking lot that had a small miniature golf course between the building and the sidewalk with a playground to the right of it.

My brother GC and I went to watch the VHS that I bought, it started with some normal video, but then a pornographic (porn) video started playing; and so we stopped the VHS, and I was going to record over it to erase everything.

Maybe as the VHS was being recorded over / erased, I looked out the window, and I saw some snakes in a play cave on the playground.

There was a large anaconda, a large boa constrictor, and two smaller snakes; and so I told my family, and my dad went to the front desk to report it to the hotel staff.

I then drove to the drive-through at Popeyes and I ordered: two Popeyes chicken sandwich combos with red beans and rice as the sides, two new fruit flavored drinks with no ice, two new cinnamon desserts, but the person taking my order stopped the order before I could finish my order.

I decided to drive ahead to let them know that I wanted to add more to my order, there was a female employee with medium-dark color skin working outside, and you had to stop there next.

I stopped to let her know about my order, she told me that new drink was sold out, and so I had to change the drinks; and then I had to drive to another outdoor employee who could continue my order.

The other outdoor employee was a woman with dark-color skin, but I woke up before I could talk to her.

The end,

-John Jr

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