A Gas Station Employee Gets Heckled

This dream took place during the day in the city of D, and I was riding in a truck with someone who drove to the gas station by Walmart.

A female employee walked outside to our truck, and she started telling us negative rumors about a certain political candidate.

The rumors seemed to be political hit job-like rumors, as she continued to share these rumors, men with light-color skin started showing up; and they seemed to be conservative / right-wing / far-right / alt-right types who probably supported the political candidate that she was sharing negative rumors about.

The men with light-color skin started booing and heckling et cetera her, and eventually it was like a protest with a large group of men with light-color skin.

They were pretty much just heckling and booing and having fun doing so, and so I am not sure if it was really a protest.

There were so many of them that the crowd went all the way to the grass area for Walmart that separates both parking lots, and we could barely move as we tried to drive out the parking lot.

Our truck got stuck in the crowd near the grass area, while we waited there the truck magically changed to The Blue Van without me noticing the change, and somehow it was raised higher up in the air than normal; and so you had to climb up to get inside.

I got in the back seat behind the front passengers seat, I had to side door open, and the side door was a sliding door which is not what The Blue Van had in real life; but I did not notice this in the dream.

At some point a man with light-color skin wearing a winter hat who was probably not a protestor and who looked like he was up to no good, who had sneaked through the crowd, tried to get inside The Blue Van.

I blocked his path once he climbed up to the open entrance, and I told him that he could not come inside; but he was not listening.

Before I could deal with him myself, a somewhat older out-of-shape male protestor / heckler wearing a camouflage baseball cap and a T-shirt who was standing next to The Blue Van, grabbed the man who was trying to get inside The Blue Van; and the heckler threw him down to the ground below, and he hit the ground pretty hard.

I thanked the heckler, and the man he threw stumbled / limped up and over to two male friends of his with light-color skin who were laughing at him and making fun of him from the grass area for getting thrown down to the ground like that.

I then saw my mom and some of my brothers making their way through the crowd, I yelled for them, and then I helped pull them up and inside The Blue Van so that we could hopefully leave.

But I woke up before we could try to continue driving through the crowd of hecklers.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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