A House For Rent / Sale & A Smoothie

At some point in this dream I drove to a house where parts of the house seemed to be for rent or for sale, and I remember walking inside the empty (unfurnished) house as other people looked at the areas that they were considering renting or buying it seemed.

At the end of one room I saw three men with light-color skin, I then realized that one of them was my former male classmate JC, the second man was my former male classmate MB except his hair was longer and curlier, and it was an orangish yellow, and I am not sure who the third man was.

I stopped on the other side of the room from them to see if they would notice and recognize me eventually, and I listened to them as JC told them how he used to live here.

This house or that part of the house was possibly still owned by JC, he was possibly the one about to rent or sell it, but I am not sure.

I remember JC telling them about what he used to use this part of the house for, what furniture and appliances he had in this area, and some of his memories of this house.

At some point they noticed me, or I greeted them, we briefly talked, and then I left outside to leave in my automobile.

It was day, and I started driving to maybe an Amazon-like / factory-like business with multiple buildings with many employees.

The BP Library had toured and possibly were still touring the building I think because we were possibly going to move the library into one of the buildings at this business, and so maybe this was going to be our new workplace / library; and I guess that business was letting the library use or have one of their buildings.

We were also going to be able to use their cafeteria and some other areas possibly.

I drove to the cafeteria, inside I saw my coworker Ms. CM and a man with light-color skin who worked at the business, and I greeted them.

I remember eating some baked chicken that I possibly got from here earlier in the forgotten parts of the dream when I possibly toured part of the building.

I made or got a smoothie that was orange, it did not taste very good or fruity, and so I probably put too many carrots and not enough fruit et cetera.

I let the man and Ms. CM try the smoothie, and they agreed with me.

Ms. CM told me that she was not sure if we were allowed to use the cafeteria or not, I said that it was probably okay, and so did the man.

Ms. CM was possibly going to start working at or wandering around and visiting the cafeteria at the business each day even though our library was not open or ready yet.

Ms. CM wanted to get used to this new place, also having a cafeteria that served food and drinks was nice, but she was not sure if she was allowed to do this or not.

So far no one had stopped her or said anything, I told her that it was probably okay, and that people were not likely to notice even if she was not allowed to be here yet.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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