Picktime & President Donald Trump

I had more dreams that I woke up remembering, but I went back to sleep without recording them; and so now I can only remember part of a dream that seemed to be more of a stress / quicksand-like dream that I was trapped in.

In the dream I was at work at The BP Library at my IT Assistant job constantly trying to deal with trying to troubleshoot a Picktime issue involving me trying to figure out how to add 15-minute breaks after every 1 hour time slot for available computer lab appointments without time slots being off by an hour or so.

How to integrate with PayPal?

There did not seem to be a way to have Picktime automatically add a certain break period after every time slot, which would be used to give us time to clean the area, and time for the patron to leave the building before the next appointment et cetera.

The COVID-19 pandemic seemed to still be going on so the library was still closed to the public, and we were trying to get everything set up in Picktime et cetera so that we could be ready for when we start having limited computer lab use available through appointments only.

My coworker Ms. JM was also helping me with this from her office, I was working from The IT Department, and Ms. JM was going to test setting up an appointment as a patron once I got all the time slots for each resource set up for each of our library branches.

I probably stressed over this trapped in a cycle of troubleshooting.

I am not sure if I figured out the issue or not, I do remember setting up the time ranges for each resource for each day, and then I manually set a 15-minute break time period after every hour.

After all of that I probably just used a quote from Albert King: “Whatever happens, let it happen.”. 😀

ALBERT KING with STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN ‘1983, in session’ – Matchbox Blues

Ms. JM did her test from the point-of-view of a patron, that was a success, and then I went to the computer lab where a man (maybe a patron volunteer) was going to do another test trying to do the same.

This assumed patron volunteer struggled a bit, but he managed to set an appointment in Picktime to use a computer in the computer lab.

After he left The President Of The United States Donald Trump and some United States Secret Service agents visited the library for a tour I guess, and I assume that President Trump was passing through and maybe he wanted to see how public libraries in the area were dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

At some point President Trump went to the computer lab to test out Picktime as well, and I helped him get logged on et cetera.

After that I stepped back to let President Trump test out Picktime, and he struggled more than anyone else so far; but eventually he figured it out, and the test was a success.

These tests were helpful for making sure that Picktime was working, whether it was easy enough for us and our patrons to use, and for helping us figure out how to better teach patrons how to use Picktime.

But I woke up as I was congratulating President Trump on figuring it out, and thanking him for helping us test Picktime and for visiting / touring our library.

The end,

-John Jr

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