Taking Out The Trash | Sports And Work

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day, I was at a college, and I had very recently moved from a college dorm to another location.

I possibly went back to my dorm to make sure that I did not leave anything behind or I went to make sure I took out the trash or I just happened to be walking by, but I am not sure which.

The dorm had a covered walkway with steps that crossed down the middle of it, it was tunnel-like, and the doors to dorm rooms were on the left and right sides of it.

My old dorm room was on the left side near a trash can closer to the end on the other side, I stopped outside the dorm room door, and I noticed that someone had not put out their trash and maybe I noticed a cockroach (roach) or another kind of insect.

This annoyed me and I complained about it as I put their trash into the trash can, but then I heard an alarm; and then I heard police sirens like maybe someone had called the police on me or it was something completely unrelated to me.

I tried to quickly finish throwing away the trash so that I could get out of there, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream is unclear, a forgot part of the dream possibly involved my brothers GC and TDC or KDC, and another forgotten part of the dream involved sports in a field at a college.

At the end of the dream I was possibly at the college inside a building along a hallway working, the work was related to The BP Library, and so maybe the library was in this building.

At some point my female coworker FP and the Director of The BP Library Ms. EC were there with me briefly, we briefly talked about whatever I was working on, but then they left as I continued working.

I wanted to return to the field to play some sports with some people from earlier, and so I was trying to hurry and finish before they leave.

A man with light-color skin walked down the hallway, we briefly talked, and then he was going to leave to the field to play sports with the others.

I told him that I wanted to go too once I finished working, he said that they would all probably be gone by then, and then he left.

I continued working, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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I just started following you, but I love the idea of sharing dreams every morning in the format of blog posts! In fact, I am biased because I had the same idea once, but too bad, I went for anime blog instead.

Do you find that writing down your dreams help you gain more lucidity or control what you dream better? Do you ever attempt to psychoanalyze them?

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Hello Moyatori,

Thank you for reading, commenting, and subscribing; it is rare for me to get comments from people, especially new people these days; and it is nice to hear that you had the same idea about blogging dreams, which is pretty easy content that our brains make for free pretty much every time we go to sleep.

Why not blog about anime and dreams?

I blog about dreams, anime, movies, TV shows, music, software, books, art, memories, quotes, poetry, and more.

Blogging my dreams for every day, I have not missed a day since the end of 2013 (I have blogged my dreams since 2007, some I deleted unfortunately, and so I have thousands of dreams recorded here), has: improved my dream recall, increased the number of lucid dreams that I have, has helped save my life (dreams and sleep (I do not get enough sleep though since I started working at the library)), helps me stabilize myself as part of my life routine (my routine is not balanced enough, but it does just enough to keep me just stable enough; but it lacks socially and in a few other areas), and has helped me to understand myself a bit better.

You would think that someone like me would have studied up on dream interpretation but I have not read or listened to or watched much about that, I do not attempt to analyze them that much since I lack the knowledge of how, and just because of the culture of not caring about dreams that is common where I grew up / live; which is unfortunate.

I do not think that every dream has to have some deep meaning, sometimes there seems to be little or none, but clearly some dreams do; and clearly they sometimes have things that can help us in our waking life.

Even during this pandemic I have noticed some things that my dreams were trying to tell me and have me face, they were predicting and trying to prepare me for certain things it seemed, and it became clearer during the quarantine when my dreams finally forced me to face what was bothering me.

Oddly I usually do not dream about what I would like to dream about, with practice and setting intent I could increase my chances of dreaming about something, especially increasing my chances of having a lucid dream; but I usually do not try this out of lazy, and maybe out of a subconscious fear that if I got to good at this that I will stop having many random dreams which could make dreaming too predictable.

Thank you for stopping by,
-John Jr

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Wow, you have a more diverse blog than I thought then! My blog isn’t exactly neat and focused, but I know that dream content will take over everything else if I diligently record dreams every morning. Instead, I’ve been summarizing them in short words and Tweeting them, as a quick way of documenting.

Recording dreams does have so many benefits, as you’ve pointed out, and I really should get back to it. (Side note: oh hey, I work at a library too! Before the quarantine, that is… I was just starting out as a circ assistant when the pandemic hit. What’s your role in the library?) The journal I used to keep coded dreams based on themes/motifs, and it was good fun.

I probably don’t know any more about dream interpretation than you, so trying to find patterns and asking myself why is enough for me. Logic isn’t reliable in dreams, but I’m always curious about why I hold certain attitudes/opinions in dreams, and like to ask myself if it applies at all to real life.

It’s so cool that you have potentially predictive dreams. As far as I know, I’ve never really come across though. And the idea that gaining too much control would cause dreams to lose randomness is such an interesting one.

I subscribe to the belief that lucid dreaming can be 100% trained, and had been keen about training myself to in the past. It did work, though I was far from mastering it. One of the key, of course, is journaling regularly, which I’ve gotten lazy with.

I fantasize a lot in my waking hours and have a pretty expansive fantasy world with several beloved characters, whom I had desperately wanted to meet at points in my life. Lucid dreaming helped with that. I don’t think the lucidity had made my dreams less random, possibly because I haven’t mastered it, and because I’m more accustomed to becoming lucid in the middle of an already random dream, but it might be true.

Sorry for the long response! I enjoy discussing this topic so much, and rarely encounter someone with as much to share. Happy blogging, and I look forward to stopping by more!


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Hello Moya,

Cool, have you thought about making those short dream summaries on instead, and just use the Publicize option to have an excerpt of your post automatically published on Twitter et cetera?

What a pleasant surprise, a fellow library worker, I hope that your job will return soon.

Is a Circ (Circulation) Assistant basically a Shelving Assistant (Shelver) at your library where you check-in items, shelve items, get items from the book drops, et cetera?

I started at my local public library at the end of 2016 as a part-time Shelving Assistant (Shelver), last year I got to also start temporarily working a few hours a week as a Tech Services Assistant along with that job, and near the end of last year my job changed to IT Assistant; and so it has been an interesting journey, and I was fortunate to get the job after several years of joblessness before that.

Coded dreams based on themes / motifs, interesting, do you have any examples that you would like to share?

Your approach to trying to understand / interpret some dreams sounds pretty similar to mine.

Well, I am not sure that they were exactly predictive, they were more pointing out things that I was noticing already consciously and subconsciously; but I have possibly had some, I am not sure though. 😀

What seemed to help me increase my chances of lucid dreaming besides recording my dreams every day was: looking for patterns in those dreams that can be used to help you realize when you are dreaming, sharing my dreams with others and / or reading / hearing other people’s dreams, doing reality checks during the day, and setting the intention to lucid dream before and as you are going to sleep.

Doing those things did increase my chances of lucid dreaming and if I had kept it up I probably would have trained myself to have them often naturally, but out of laziness / cautiousness I have only tried that rarely.

What were some things that were part of your lucid dreaming training program?

Cool, same here, I daydream and think a lot while awake and while asleep. 😀

I need to start trying to set the intention to try to summon people that I want to meet in my lucid dreams, oddly I have not tried that many times, I do remember summoning Pauline Croze in a lucid dream once; but it did not work out so well, if I remember correctly she was a bit robotic, and the dream destabilized.

Now that you mention it, most of my lucid dreams probably also happen in the middle or end of a dream, and I also do not think that lucid dreaming has hurt the randomness of my dreams yet; but I rarely have lucid dreams, but I did have more during or before the beginning of the quarantine than usual I think.

I am glad that you commented and shared so much, it is rare to get comments these days, and even rarer to find people with similar interests and experiences who are willing to talk. 🙂

I am sorry for the late response.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hi John,

I’ll probably keep my dreams to myself for now. Not that I’m very private about them, but before I find more time to invest, I’m fine with out-of-context one-liners as Tweets.

At my library system, the “shelver” is called a “clerk,” and while I do perform most of the activities you listed, I guess the difference lies in that I do more front desk work than shelving.

I wish I knew more about IT! I’m actually going for an MLIS this September for librarianship, but the truth is that I still feel somewhat iffy about this career path. Imposter syndrome is real when I haven’t even worked at the library for all that long. A post-graduation existential crisis prompted me to rush into the decision, and I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

I have a few broad categories for dream codes. E.g. (D) = desire; (I) = insecurity; (A) = adventure; (M) = mundane; (R) = random. It’s fun that way, and if I do journal consistently in a given period, it’s always interesting to see whether there’s a whole pattern of (I)s or (D)s. Though much of the time, (D)s and (I)s come hand-in-hand.

Totally agree with all of your lucid dreaming techniques! Especially reality checks. I like the nose-pinching one: I often find out that I’m dreaming by pinching my nose shut and still being able to breathe. As for intention-setting, I find that it only works if I wake up around dawn and go back to sleep again. All my lucid dreams happen in the morning. Or else I have them at night and forget as I continue sleeping, which is quite plausible.

I’m also experimenting with another technique that I thought of: associating certain music pieces with dreams. When I train myself to associate specific songs with dreaming, it works as a brainless reality check every time I hear that song. Results haven’t been too obvious…yet, but I think it’s worth trying.

Summoning people is tricky, and I haven’t been able to do so consistently either. Summoning anything out of thin air is difficult, in fact. It all has to do with the extent to which you can believe in what you wish for. It helps make it more believable if you stare at a door or large object in your dream, and imagine the person/thing emerging from behind it.

I’ve often ended up summoning things of horror instead of the person I want, because I sometimes doubt myself and start questioning whether the being I’m seeing is who I think they are. Lucid dreams are founded upon your beliefs, so fear and doubt have the power to warp your dreams too. I’m still learning how to have faith in my dream self… 🙂 Do you have any tips?

Likewise, I’m happy to have someone to geek out about dreams with on this platform!


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Hello Moya,

No problem, they can be time-consuming (I have been struggling with this which is part of the reason it took me so long to respond), and they can get personal / embarrassing at times.

Interesting, it sounds like they combined both jobs into one, at my library they are two separate jobs (except for the rural clerks who work by themselves usually, they had to shelve also at their small rural branches); I wish that I had some clerk training, with that I would be an even more well-rounded employee, and so congratulations on having training / experience with both of those positions.

Congratulations, there is a lot more IT stuff that I want / need to learn and that I hope that I can get trained in, I hope that things work out for you.

Thank you for sharing some of the codes, that is a unique approach that I imagine is helpful.

I need to try the nose-pinching technique to see if that works in my dreams, some reality checks usually do not work in my dreams, unfortunately; interesting, when I do try setting lucid dreaming intentions I usually try it in one – three different ways: looking in a mirror at my own eyes while setting my intentions repeating them several times, while laying in bed as I go to sleep, or if I wake up and as I am going back to sleep.

I hate when I forget a lucid dream or part of one, this is very rare fortunately, at least from what I remember. 😉

Cool, like in the movie Inception when they used this French song:

I am curious to see the results of your music experiment, good luck.

Thank you, I think that summoning technique would be easier to achieve.

I have been failing to do this myself but I think that one thing that you can do to help you have faith in your dream self is to practice reminding yourself while you are awake that: in your dreams you have the power, decide that in your dreams that you are not going to let something / someone else control or haunt your dreams, think about some previous dreams where you were afraid or did not have faith in yourself and tell yourself that next time that you are in those situations that I will do (insert what you will do here instead), set some triggers to hopefully help remind you of these intentions once you are faced with those situations again, and remember to connect all of this with some strong emotions of determination et cetera that will help you when the time comes.

You can even literally power-up in a dream to increase your faith, confidence, power, et cetera Dragon Ball style which also has worked for me before. 😀

Same here, it is rare to find people who want to talk about dreams, dreaming, sleep, et cetera.

I apologize for the late response.

Have a nice day and thank you for responding,
-John Jr

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Are there areas in IT that you would recommend a beginner to start learning from? Because I am certainly a beginner!

It’s interesting how every dreamer has their own susceptibility to specific reality checks. The one everyone vouches for – the poke-finger-through-hand one – never worked for me.

And yes! The song technique is like the one in Inception. So far, it’s only helped with awareness and intention-setting in real life when I hear the son. Maybe I need to listen to it more often!

I certainly need to remind myself of my power more often. And setting triggers for that sounds like a great idea!

I’ve tried powering up in dreams before and it does work! One time I decided I could use spells, and gave myself the instant ability of saying “boom” to make things explode at will. Kinda lame, I wish I thought of another word, haha.

Likewise, it’s possible to train other superpowers, like flying and stuff. I taught myself how to fly when I want to over many dreams of practice, but I still have trouble with speed and altitude control. Do you have certain dream superpowers?

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I apologize for the late response Moya.

Most of my learning has not been formal, mostly learning the hard way through troubleshooting / trying to help people et cetera, and so I think that working on your troubleshooting skills would be a good start getting some hands on time with equipment and software that is commonly used.

But learning some computer and internet basics is also important, I have only done the first two courses during the quarantine, but maybe something quick and simple like these courses would be a simple start:

Yeah, I do not think that I have tried the poke your finger through your hand reality check, interesting.

That makes more sense to me, and even that can be helpful even if it is not as dramatic as in the movie Inception.

Same here, sometimes it is something that you have to retrain or refresh, and so I need to do that as well.

😀 Nice, boom is nice and simple, I need to try that. 😀

Dream powers are cool, with flying speed and altitude is also an issue for me, but another dream blogger named Lost Truth ( actually taught me another flying technique that works better than my usual flying technique but it takes more concentration and I still mostly use my old technique out of habit.

Her technique involves using your mind instead of your body, think about where you want to go and how fast et cetera and tell your mind / imagine yourself doing it, and just let your mind move your body where and how fast et cetera without using your body.

So what is your flying technique?

My common flying technique is to run and jump in the air and flap my arms to gain some altitude and then glide down and up to build some speed and some altitude with occasional arm flapping, this has limitations, and when I remember I use Lost Truth’s technique of using your mind to fly instead of your body.

Sadly, usually I can not think of my dream powers or ones that I want to try in dreams, usually just flying and maybe slightly automatically enhanced physical abilities comes to my mind.

I did learn how to teleport in dreams from a dream character in a dream, I sometimes use this ability, but it takes some focus:

Energy blasts like those from the Dragon Ball franchise is another dream power that I sometimes use, they are usually pretty weak now-a-days because I do not power them up, but last week I did use a light blast or energy blast that destroyed a dream character.

Summoning is another dream power that I sometimes do but I do not have a clear technique that I use for summoning dream characters, it does not always work, and there have been one or more times where my own summons have been used against me by enemies with mind control powers.

I have only used this a few times, but in a few lucid dreams I have made dream characters disappear from a lucid dream by banishing them basically.

I possibly have used telekinesis a few times, but I could be wrong.

I also have used magic a few times, mostly some magic from The Elder Scrolls video games et cetera.

When I was a kid I figured out how to wake myself up from a dream when I was being chased by gray aliens (the common species of aliens) in a dream, and with practice it became an automatic ability that happens when I do not want it to now-a-days. 😀

What are some of your dream powers?

Have a good day,
-John Jr

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Thanks! I’ve tried a few lessons on w3schools before, and they were pretty easy to get into. Will check out your link too!

Thanks for introducing me to another dream blog! I’m loving what I see. The mind technique for flying sounds useful, though I do enjoy the thrill of attempting to use my body.

My flying technique is to basically treat flying like air-swimming. I tend to fly using the breaststroke style. It’s so interesting how everybody has different flying methods. My brother says he flies in a sitting position (like there’s an invisible chariot carrying him), and accelerates by leaning backwards.

You have so many superpowers! Teleportation and summoning sound quite advanced (your post on teleportation was fun), and I would love to try them someday.

I can’t currently think of other specific superpowers I’ve had; when you get lucid enough, you can essentially make anything happen, and when things happen the way you want them to, you’re not even sure how you did it. I’m sure it happens to you all the time too!


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Hello Moya,

You are welcome, you are ahead of me then because I have not done any of the courses on W3Schools, but I do refer to their HTML Tag Reference when I need help trying to adjust some HTML.

You are welcome, it can be difficult to find other dream bloggers, and even harder to find those willing to respond and communicate with other dream bloggers; flying with your mind can be pretty cool once you start getting more used to it, I do not use it much, and so when I do I usually have to practice a bit. 😀

Nice, a fellow air swimmer, and your brother’s technique is very original and surprising. 😀

Yeah, summoning is probably harder than teleporting, it is a shame that I usually do not remember to try most of my dream powers.

I need to figure out a reliable summoning technique because summoning can be very helpful, and there have been several times where I have summoned groups of dream characters to help me fight threats and defend my dream world; and once I even assigned one of them as my second in command to lead my summoned dream characters while I fought solo, I think she was a tall strong soldier-like woman with light-color skin with short yellow hair, but I could be wrong.

Wow, I think that I subconsciously / consciously limit myself more than you probably do in lucid dreams, and so that probably happens less to me; but I could be wrong.

Have a nice day,
-John Jr

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Summoning a team of people sounds like dream goals. I don’t consciously limit myself, but I do believe I am more limited in my lucid dreams than you are.

Haven’t been getting much sleep these days so I haven’t been remembering my dreams in detail or having lucid ones, but perhaps reading dream blogs like yours will help a little!

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Hello Moya,

I still think that I am more limited in my lucid dreams compared to yours, but we will see.

Same here, well that has been the case for me since I started working at the library because I never really adjusted to a good sleep schedule, and so it is possible to still remember more dreams and details; but I do hope that you will start getting more sleep than me, and that your dream recall will adjust / improve.

Reading dreams and talking about them does seem to help in my opinion, especially if you remind yourself that dreams are important enough to remember and that you want to remember them, and you can start training your mind to automatically remember some details most of the time.

Good luck,
-John Jr

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