Killing Insects | A Military Disguise And Suicide

Dream 1

This dream took place inside the living room of my parents house, I was in there when I saw an insect, and so I killed it with a fly swatter (flyswatter).

Then I saw another insect, I hit it with the fly swatter several times, but it did not die; and so I had to stomp it several times with my shoe until it died.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream is unclear because I only barely remember part of the end of the dream without enough context to know what was happening and why et cetera.

It was day and I was in a field with maybe my brother GC, there were vehicles there, and The Blue Van was there; and I assume that some other people were there too.

My brother GC and I were about to leave it seemed, but the military showed up; and I remember us hiding and trying to sneak away to The Blue Van to escape.

We split up, but I am not sure what happened to GC after that; and I am not sure why we were sneaking trying to avoid being seen.

We were afraid / worried for some unknown reason, I do not remember us doing anything illegal even though we were acting like it, but I can not remember most of the dream before this; and so I have no idea.

The small group of soldiers had their combat uniforms on with military caps / hats and assault rifles, and they were led by a male soldier with light-color skin with short orange or red hair.

It seemed that they were possibly going to search / patrol the area or something like that, something happened that I can not remember where I somehow got a military uniform with hat and assault rifle as a disguise, but I can not remember if I had to fight one of the soldiers for it or not.

I still was not sure where GC was, I did not want to leave him behind, and so I was hiding behind an automobile looking around for him.

I turned to see a male soldier with light-color skin standing behind me further away, I was in disguise, and so I hoped that would work.

For a moment I thought that he realized that I was an imposter because he just stood there looking forward oddly like something was wrong, but then I realized that something was wrong with him.

He looked somewhat blank and like he was looking inward mentally very deeply, he then turned his gun on himself either in his mouth or to the side of his head, and then he committed suicide by shooting himself without saying anything to my shock / confusion / horror.

The gunshot got the attention of the other soldiers, and the head soldier ran over to investigate.

I took cover behind the vehicle that I was behind, I used it so that he would not get a good look at me, and I explained from partly behind cover what had happened.

One or two other soldiers ran over to investigate as well, fortunately none of them got a good look at me, and they were too distracted to realize that I was an impostor.

To my surprise they did not ask many questions, and then they continued whatever they were doing leaving the body there; and then I sneaked into The Blue Van.

I put the assault rifle on the floor, I took off the hat or I thought about doing some, and I almost took off the combat / military uniform; but I decided to keep it on just in case.

I still did not see GC, we needed to leave now, I could not wait long because I wanted to leave before any of the soldiers noticed.

I decided that I would leave because I hoped that either GC had sneaked away on foot or he was still hidden, and my plan was to a nearby location to wait and / or call him.

A female soldier with light-medium color skin walked by, I waved at or saluted her, and she kept going; and then I started getting ready to drive away, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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