A Family Park | A Family Business

Dream 1

This dream involved me having false memories of a family owned park / business that was out in the countryside, and it was owned by a family with light-color skin.

I had false memories of having gone there several times before in the past, and in the dream I decided to drive there to see if it was still open.

I arrived to see that the family who owned it was there, but the buildings and houses et cetera were gone other than some ruins of at least one building; which was disappointing to see.

I greeted the family, they told me that their park / business was closed down now unfortunately, but they remembered me from the past; and they said that I could look around.

One of the daughters was a Kelly Clarkson-like woman with a somewhat Southern American accent (maybe it was her) with light-color skin with long yellow hair, and she walked and talked with me.

She told me about the difficult decision that her family made to close down the park / business, and now they were not sure what they would do with the land; and that is why they were here right now.

She started telling me about some of her memories of this place and the history behind it, some of her family’s history, et cetera; and I shared some of my memories of visiting here in the past.

The memories, the place, the woman, the moment, et cetera seemed / felt familiar / believable / comfortable enough like this was real like my memories were real and like the woman and I had really met before in the past.

We had a nice relaxing, positive, enjoyable, normal, and simple time walking and talking around about the past (the old days); but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a family business, their business was probably at risk of going out of business, and the family was trying to decide whether to sell their business or close down or see if they could find a way to save it; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


    1. Hello Moya,

      Yeah, it is amazing how those false memories can seem so real, and how our brains can make them in the first place.

      Yeah, those false memories can pass on throughout the dream, and even in the next dream sometimes in some of my experiences.

      Sometimes these false memories are actually memories of past dreams (remembered and forgotten), sometimes combined with some pieces of real memories (somewhat fictionalized versions sometimes), and the rest being fictional; is it similar for you in some of your dreams?

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr


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