The Police And Military Attack

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was probably inspired by the George Floyd protests / riots, most of my family and I were in a fictional city in maybe a downtown-like area with several multi-story apartments on both sides of the highway with the road on the left side being somewhat on a hill, and we were in the process of moving into one of the apartment buildings on an upper floor.

Before we could finish moving in all of our stuff into the new apartment, my mom somehow found a larger nicer apartment for a better price that was probably in the apartment building across the highway, and so we were going to move into that apartment instead; but we went to see it first before moving the stuff that we had just put in the new apartment.

We somehow got split up when we entered the new apartment building leaving my mom, my brother GC, and I in one group; and I assume my dad and my brothers TDC and KDC in the other group.

As we were on an upper floor we somehow ended up in maybe a room that was guarded by United States Secret Service agents.

Inside the room was The President Of The United States Donald Trump, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, and at least one older man with light-color skin with gray / white hair who was probably from one of their past administrations.

We were sitting down, except for George W. Bush who was shirtless with boxing gloves as he shadow boxed while talking / acting increasingly aggressive / unstable like he was on drugs including steroids, and he was muscular like he has been working out / taking steroids.

President Trump was increasingly bragging / joking in a macho-like way about his power, what he can do, what he can order people to do, things that he have ordered people to do, et cetera.

George H. W Bush was more relaxed like he has been there done that and understood / remembered what it was like having that kind of power as president, but he often had to keep telling George W. Bush to calm down like he was a hyperactive kid or something (which he was acting like a bit, except it was a bit scary, I was not sure if he was going to try to fight one of us; and what would we do because you know the Secret Service would get involved).

The other guy mostly listened, nodded, smiled, laughed at their jokes et cetera more like a villainous yes man.

I felt trapped there and increasingly uncomfortable / worried / tense as the risk of something going wrong increased as President Trump’s boasting / joking got more aggressive and George W. Bush’s shadow boxing et cetera got more aggressive / unstable, and my brother GC responded to something that they said which made me even more worried that maybe he would say something that would set them off.

Fortunately we survived this uncomfortable encounter, and we continued walking; but then chaos started with people running in a panic.

I was not sure if something happened as President Trump and the others were leaving, maybe President Trump ordered the police / Secret Service to attack / arrest protesters or something or maybe they tried to attack him, I have no idea because I did not see what happened because it happened further inside the building out of view.

Somehow my mom, my brother GC, and I got separated.

My first thought / instinct was that I have to find my family and get out of here, and avoid the police / security forces; and I was not going to leave until I found my family.

I saw police attacking / arresting people heading toward the room that I was in chasing people, and so I hid behind the wall near a door that led to a courtyard between the next building.

It was like a scary movie where you hide from the monster(s), fortunately the police only glanced toward the courtyard instead of going into it, and they continued running through the building to attack / arrest people.

After that I continued inside the building, I found my mom and GC, and then we found my dad and my brothers KDC and TDC; and I knew that we had to get back to the new apartment to get some of our stuff and be ready to leave the area if necessary.

It was evening or night when we reached the outside to run across the highway, it was chaos outside with people running and screaming, and I saw an orange glow over the street that was up somewhat on a hill like a fire and / or riot and / or protest and / or attack was happening and moving this way.

Then I saw that the situation was even worse, I saw soldiers geared up with assault rifles and some with either RPGs (maybe SMAWs) or shoulder-fired missile launchers, and they were running down the highway from the hill attacking / arresting people; and so our country’s own military was attacking / arresting its own citizens.

The situation was bad and scary, but I was focused; and I knew what I needed to do on instinct and from some past dreams with similar situations.

I was ready, I was aware of my surroundings, I kept adjusting to the situation(s), I kept thinking at least one step ahead, I knew to avoid the police / military / security forces / government forces, I knew to keep moving only hiding temporarily where it made sense, I knew to escape the area if necessary before they surround it and lock it down.

My goal and focus was to keep my family and I safe, and at this time avoidance / running / temporarily hiding when necessary / escape was the best option(s) for achieving that goal because of the current threat(s).

This was a great training experience for a dream, as we ran I kept looking for openings to run toward to avoid us getting attacked / arrested by the soldiers, and so we smoothly avoided getting caught up in the chaos / attack happening right near us.

I saw soldiers busting in doors to apartments and dragging people out attacking / arresting them, running people down, but I can not remember if some of them were shooting people or not (maybe); but I do remember being confused by why some soldiers had RPGs or missile launchers.

There were probably some armored vehicles et cetera with the soldiers as well, they were basically raiding / invading the area, even though they were the soldiers of our own country.

My plan was working so far, we got inside our apartment building, we got inside our apartment, we gathered some of our stuff, but before we could leave I heard the soldiers starting to attack our floor going room to room; and so I decided that we should zip-line to the balcony of an apartment building next to our apartment.

Even through the chaos my focus stayed strong, almost no hesitation, I kept adjusting my plans as needed, and we zip-lined to the other apartment building; and I disconnected the zip-line so the soldiers would not know and could not use it.

As we entered the apartment I heard and saw soldiers burst into our apartment room, they did not see us at the other building, and so my plan was still working.

We reached our automobiles in a basement garage under the apartment building.

I told my family to: stay in contact by phone and to try to stay together, avoid the main roads, avoid the roadblocks, avoid the police / military / et cetera, use the back roads, avoid patrols, turn off your lights and park and hide temporarily if necessary, and escape the city if possible together before it gets locked down.

This was the most dangerous and difficult part of my plan, it would not be easy to avoid detection and escape the city by vehicle, and trying to communicate between us all in real-time to adjust to the situation as a team was going to be difficult to impossible; and this worried me the most, and I felt that my family’s lives were in my hands now because we were following my plan.

This was the only time that I started to hesitate and doubt myself, my plan, our situation, but I tried to stay calm and clear-headed because or lives depended on it.

But I woke up, I felt some stress / fear from the dream when I woke up, I voice recorded my dream, I had difficulty sleeping after this, but eventually I went back to sleep after calming down enough because in most dreams it feels real while you are in them; and this was a survival dream / nightmare probably to help prepare me for possible future situations.

The end,

-John Jr

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