It’sAGundam’s White House Job | An Outdoor TV

Dream 1

This dream involved It’sAGundam (Gundam) somehow getting a government job working for The President Of The United States in an office inside The White House.

I called Gundam using my mobile phone as I ate a fried boudin ball as I walked during the day to a small wooden restaurant with screened windows to get some food, and I talked to Gundam as I waited outside the restaurant sitting in a chair.

The fried boudin ball was actually good, I could taste it in the dream, and it tasted real.

I remember asking Gundam how did he get the job, did they even do a background check on him et cetera, and I remember him laughing; and maybe he said: “I guess not.”.

I asked him what was his job and what did he do, but I can not remember what his response was; but I do remember congratulating him.

I then saw my female coworker MH partly inside the restaurant, she saw me, and she walked over to talk to me; and so I had to pause my phone call with Gundam.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me going to work at a fictional version of The BP Library that had more rooms in the back employee areas, and some of these rooms were bedroom-like including maybe a small IT Department room that I went to.

But before I reached that room a fictional somewhat older female coworker with light-color skin who was sitting in an office said something to me, I did not know her name, but as I walked away the name Patricia came to my mind as her possible name.

I started thinking about why I could not remember this coworker, none of my current coworkers have that first name, and so I started to wonder who was she and when did she start working at the library.

I got distracted by something else before I could think too much about this, which is unfortunate, because it probably would have led to me realizing that I was dreaming.

Whatever distracted me was in the bedroom-like room that I went inside, the next thing that I remember is leaving work in The Blue Van, and I parked across the street from a slightly fictional version of my uncle WC’s house when I noticed a large CRT TV on a home entertainment system in front of a couch outside his yard on a small hill.

I noticed that one of the cords was unplugged and close to the street, and so I started checking to make sure that the TV was plugged in correctly; and to make sure that it still worked.

As I was doing this I somehow ended up unplugging the component cables which were in the colors gray, white, and yellow instead of the usual pattern; and I was not sure where and how they were hooked up originally.

While I was trying to figure this out I saw the curtain move inside my uncle WC’s house like someone was watching me, a thin man with dark-color skin walked outside from a fictional slightly raised covered carport on the left side of the house, and he looked like a man who used to walk through our neighborhood to work in the morning.

I assumed that he was a friend of my cousin CC (a son of my uncle WC), he looked like he had just woken up, and so I assumed that he either lived there too or had spent the night.

I greeted him, I told him what I was doing, and then I noticed a very small black kitten in the entrance of the carport with its back facing me.

I started petting the tiny kitten as I talked with the assumed friend of my cousin CC.

We walked by the TV as I continued hooking the cables back up hoping that it would work, then a truck pulling a trailer drove by, and I almost thought that I saw a man with light-color skin wearing a black ski mask with a partly tan assault rifle in the truck with some other people.

We did not recognize them, we watched them, and I stood behind the TV for some cover just in case.

They drove by, turned around, and drove up to talk to us; but this time I did not see anyone with a ski mask or assault rifle.

They had some people (a family with a husband and wife and several others) in the back who looked somewhat frightened, they wore some kind of old traditional clothing of some unknown culture, and the wife had a unique headcover that fit tightly; and the wife looked very similar to my mom, but it was not her.

An overweight man with light-color skin got out the truck and walked over to us smiling, he greeted us, and he started talking to me.

A somewhat older woman wearing some kind of old style traditional Christian clothing and headcover walked up behind him, she looked very similar to my aunt RE, but it was not her.

The man acted a bit like a salesman, I assumed that he was going to ask us for some money, and he started telling me that the people on the trailer had recently immigrated to our country.

He started to explain why they came here, how things were not what they had expected, that they wanted to go back to their country now, that they were trying to get them back home, et cetera.

The man was smiling in a way that started to make me wonder if this was a scam, especially the clothing that they were wearing, and I was waiting for him to say that they needed some gas money or something and how much.

I was trying to decide if I should give them some money and how much if they asked, I did want to help if this was real, and not a scam.

I was possibly going to give them some money either way just so they would go, because the man was acting more like an annoying salesman who would not just get to the point.

If I was going to give them some money, I was going to go behind the TV or under the carport to get the money out my wallet, and then walk back to them with it; my mom taught me to not take out your wallet and money in front of people when someone randomly asks for money et cetera.

But I woke up before the man could finish his long story / sales pitch / whatever.

The end,

-John Jr

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