A Horror Movie Documentary

This dream involved a documentary about a fictional low-budget horror movie that was like a combination of the movies Thirteen Ghosts (which I have not seen), The Cell, and The Island Of Doctor Moreau (which I have not seen).

They interviewed the cast and crew, showed behind the scenes making of the movie including how they did the practical effects and special effects, how they kept the budget low, that the film location was probably an old abandoned school or something like that, et cetera.

Some of the actors and actresses in the movie included maybe Brittany Murphy, Samantha Mathis, Mekhi Phifer, an unknown actress with medium-color skin who said that her family was Asian (from Asia), various small roles for creatures / monsters / extras / security guards including me, an unknown bald actor with light-color skin who was the main villain / mad scientist, and maybe a brief appearance by Gillian Anderson.

The movie involved a large building on the outskirts of a city where a group of women and maybe one or two men met during the night after maybe leaving a bar / club, maybe they got invited out there or heard about it from somewhere, and when they went inside strange things happened.

They started out sometimes hearing things and then seeing things, it became paranormal and supernatural at times, and they were trapped; and eventually got taken out as the movie went on.

Some bald mad scientist-like man seemed to be tricking people into coming here, he was doing experiments on people that seemed to combine science and some kind of demonic / Satanic-like supernatural / paranormal / magic / rituals, and he was probably summoning entities; and maybe combining people and entities.

He would use people for experiments and maybe let his monsters / creatures kill them to test out his creations, and he had a security team to help him with this.

I remember one special effect involving a man using a green screen blanket to cover himself, they projected the image of another actor on the green screen blanket to make it look like the person on the ground was a clone or copy of him that he was seeing, and this was during one of the scenes where they were seeing things.

The actress who said that her family and her were Asian explained in her interview how she was worried what her parents would think of the movie, with its gore and other non-family friendly elements, and she joked about this as well; she did not seem to take her role in the movie seriously, like it was so low-budget that she did not expect it to be good.

I can not remember what the other actors and actresses said during their interviews, but I do know that them and the crew did a good job in their interviews mostly; and so much detail was given that this felt like a real documentary and like a real movie, and I am amazed that my mind made all of this up on its own so well.

To save money and time they would film scenes in a room while sometimes having casting / hiring of extras et cetera happening inside the same room, and so people waiting in line for a job had to be quiet.

I remember getting the role of a security guard without any idea of the details, I remember walking through a room where a scene was being filmed as a line of extras waited on the right side of the room hoping to get roles in this movie, and I was with some other men who were playing security guards in the movie.

The scene that was being filmed during this time involved the main villain standing in front of some glass square cells that he kept some of his creations in, and he was looking at one who was a humanoid with light-color skin with an unnaturally large head with creepy eyes and facial features and body language.

The other security guards who were all male with light-color skin and I went to use the bathroom during our scene, I remember urinating at a urinal as the other security guards talked, and out of my view one of the security guards found the dead body of one of the women who had gotten tricked into coming here; and she had light-color skin with yellow hair.

I did not see what happened fortunately, but when I turned around from urinating I saw the woman’s dead body hanging out of some structure near the entrance with what looked like semen on her face as the security guard was possibly zipping his pants back up like he had either masturbated over her dead body and / or raped it when I was not looking (either of which is terrible).

Then the woman’s friend who was still alive, who had been hiding by her dead body I assume, jumped out to escape with what looked like semen on her as well, like some semen had hit her as she tried to escape or when she was hiding.

I was appalled and confused by this as I turned around wondering what happened and what was going on, I went with my first assumption, and I ran to help the woman; but she was running for her life.

I yelled at her that I was not going to hurt her or let the others hurt her, I yelled something at the security guards wondering what in the world they had done and were doing and that if what I thought happened was true that I was going to stop them and report them to the police et cetera, and I ran after the woman to help her.

I remember running outside behind the building to a park that looked very similar to W Park in the city of D, I found the woman hiding in the bushes / trees in the middle of the park near the walking trails and rivers, and she had light-color skin with long somewhat curly black hair and spoke with an unknown European accent of some kind.

I explained that I was going to help her, that we had to be quiet as the other security guards ran outside looking for us, but she was still in a panic so they heard her.

Once she accepted my help I had to pick her up and run with her to avoid them catching us, and while doing this some assumed semen on her clothes et cetera got on me.

At some point they found us, I fought the other security guards hoping that she would escape while I distracted them, but I am not sure if she escaped or just stood there.

I was easily defeating the other security guards by the river, but then one of them stabbed me from behind with a knife.

I am not sure if my character died or not, the dream stopped showing that scene of the movie, and it went back to the interviews and behind the scenes stuff.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

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