Sleep Paralysis | Dairy Queen | A Woman With A Knife

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I had more dreams that I remembered, I did not record them, and so I have forgotten some of them except for several dreams.

Dream 1

This was a series of several short dreams or semi-dreams / maybe real world sleep paralysis with auditory hallucinations with maybe one or two minor visual hallucinations that I had shortly after going to sleep or at the early partial stages of sleep.

Several of these sleep paralysis experiences / dreams involved me laying in bed, suddenly hearing a loud noise, being paralyzed, and then waking up / being able to move.

The loud noise that I would hear seemed to just be an auditory hallucination, and maybe I had a brief visual hallucination during one of these; but I could be wrong.

During the last sleep paralysis / dream experience I was once again laying in bed, I heard a loud noise, this time by my left ear, and maybe it sounded like a strange sound combined with someone screaming.

I was once again paralyzed, I sensed something or someone on my left side where the loud noise / scream was coming from, and I possibly somewhat saw something that was mostly invisible there.

I sensed and / or saw and heard the loud noise / scream / presence / mostly invisible thing moving closer to my left side / left ear, I could not move anything except for my eyes, it was like something / someone trying to scare / annoy you.

I then felt something bite my neck, like you would imagine getting bit by a vampire or something, but then I suddenly woke up or was able to move; but I did not see or hear anything in the room.

For a second or two after suddenly waking up or being able to move I could still feel the feeling of having been bitten on the left side of my neck, I touched my neck, but I did not feel any wound or see any blood on my hand.

That is all that I can remember of these short sleep paralysis dreams / experiences.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the COVID-19 pandemic in the city of D during, maybe late in the afternoon on a darker day or early evening.

I was with my brother GC, and we drove to a slightly fictional version of the parking lot of Dairy Queen that possibly had a gas station in the parking lot or near it.

I remember parking my automobile, I am not sure what we were doing before this, but I do remember going inside Dairy Queen to wait in line to get a Blizzard while GC waited inside the automobile.

The building looked different and slightly larger inside, the line was super long, and while waiting in line I suddenly realized that I forgot to bring / wear my cloth face mask.

I remembered that I had a N95 mask inside my automobile, I would lose my spot in line if I went to get it.

So I decided to just wait in line until a woman with light-color skin behind me told me that I was not wearing a mask.

The woman who said this was not wearing a mask either, no one else was wearing a mask, and so I told her that I forgot my mask (which has only happened once before); but that I had a N95 mask inside my automobile.

I asked the woman if she would hold my spot in line while I went outside to get my N95 mask, she said yes, and so I went outside to get my mask.

I told GC what happened, I put on my mask, and I went back inside; but the woman and / or the person behind her would not let me get my spot back in line, and so I had to go back to the end of the line that was still super long.

I waited in the long line, still the only person wearing a mask.

When it was finally my turn, a female employee with dark-color skin with black hair wearing a Dairy Queen visor (hat) told me something that I did not understand.

The employee then said that I could not order, this confused / annoyed me because I waited all this time, and everyone else got to order.

I asked her if I could order at the drive through, she said yes, and so I went outside to return to my automobile.

At this point I was so annoyed that I was possibly going to just go home, I was undecided, and so I told GC about the situation; but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream involved a woman with light-color skin with maybe long hair with a knife who entered a building sneaking around killing various men with light-color skin who were patrolling the building like gang members or members of some kind of other criminal organization who she could not sneak around.

I am not sure what her mission was or who the men were.

I just know that the men were bad people / probably criminals who had done bad things / were dangerous / needed to be stopped, but that is all that I remember about that.

This dream is unclear and confusing because I am not sure if I was the woman or not, I possibly was the woman, but I can not remember.

I just remember her sneaking through a main area, along a wall down a hallway with various rooms, and having to kill some of the men patrolling here and there quietly.

She / I would usually try to grab them by the mouth and slit and / or stab them in the neck, et cetera, to stop them from being able to scream for help.

Then she / I would hide the body behind or under something.

She / I reached an area where one of the men patrolling was a somewhat cartoony-looking skeleton who could talk, he was not a cartoon, but he looked goofier than a real skeleton.

There was another man patrolling ahead of him, so when she / I grabbed the skeleton from behind because she / I could not kill him without alerting the other guard.

So she / I pulled him with us to hide behind something.

She / I told the skeleton to help her / me, she / I sent the skeleton ahead to distract the guard while she / I sneaked up behind him to kill him, and she / I warned him about double-crossing us.

This worked the first time, on the second guard the skeleton threw down something trying to ruin the woman / me from sneaking up on the guard, and so she / I possibly had to kill both of them.

The guard and / or skeleton were killed in an open room, and so she / I had to drag their bodies to a room behind us on the left side of the hallway to hide the bodies.

Before she / I could leave the room, more guards kept walking in the room to check it, and she / I kept killing each one that walked in until the last one.

She / I then had to try to find space in this small room to hide the bodies, it looked like a bedroom / study room.

When hiding the bodies, something very bizarre happened, where she / I found the dead body of a baby boy.

The baby looked pretty much exactly like me in my best / favorite baby picture of myself.

He was even wearing the same thing that I wore in that baby picture, and this confused me / I felt bad that there was a dead baby (did he die naturally or did someone kill him?).

I wondered how did this baby die, and why did he look exactly like me as a baby, et cetera.

I heard a woman and a man talking while walking down the hallway toward the room that the woman / I was in, so she / I had to quickly hide the baby’s body in the smallest corner of the room.

She / I apologized to the dead baby for having to hide his body without a proper burial, et cetera; and then she / I hid.

A woman with light-color skin with long somewhat curly black hair whose appearance and hairstyle looked somewhat like a combination of the real version of the Witch from the movie Gretel & Hansel / Katy Perry / Jessica Jones entered the room with a very tall big man with light-color skin named The Big Show (not the wrestler) who was probably a professional athlete who looked similar to Alex Tune from the Angry Joe Show.

The woman joked to the man about maybe they need to get a divorce, I assume that they were married, and then they both laughed and smiled as they jumped on the bed together.

It seemed that they were about to start making out, when they started the woman / I sneaked away to continue whatever her / my mission was.

So she / I spared their lives because they did not seem to be connected with the criminal guards / gang members / whoever.

But I woke up as she / I continued sneaking through the building, hoping that the woman and The Big Show would not find the bodies before the mission / whatever was complete.

The end,

  • John Jr

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