Gold SKMEI 1335 Watch

SKMEI 1335

What is it?

The gold color version of the SKMEI 1335 watch.

What is it about?

This is how SKMEI describes this watch:

Luxury goods expensive digital watches – 1335

Brand: SKMEI, Model: 1335, Weight: 85g.

Mov’T: Digital, Mirror: Resin, Case: ABS.

Band: Stainless Steel, Buckle: Stainless Steel, Waterproof: 50M.

Function: 2 Time, Chrono, Alarm, Date, Week, EL, 12 / 24-Hour Clock, Count Down.

Dial Width: 43 mm, Dial Thickness: 13 mm, Band Width: 18 mm, Watch Length: Adjustable.

Skmei 1335 Digital Homage Watch Review

My Thoughts

I had never heard of the SKMEI brand before, it seems that they mostly make cheaper near clones / copies of Casio watches, but I decided to give them a chance

This watch looked pretty good and had the functions that I wanted, but unfortunately the build and painting quality is not up to standards compared to Casio.

A couple of days after getting this watch, the black plastic frame on the front fell off at work on a Saturday when I was helping my coworker Ms. RB with a computer problem.

I was going to send the watch back, except the watch actually looked better without that plastic on it, and so I decided to keep the watch. 😀

In less than a month, the Dual Time text at the top of the watch is already fading.

The El Luminous text, which makes me laugh when I say it thanks to this video, is holding up well somehow though.

Some gold paint on the plastic casing is already gone, and a few tiny gold painted spots on the metal band are already gone.

So the paint is not holding up as well as it should.

Next time I will get a Casio watch instead of SKMEI unless it is a model that they either no longer have or that is too expensive.

If I decide to get a normal watch again, I might try a smartwatch for the first time next time, if so, I will try another brand.

Unboxing PANARS Dual Time Gold Watch! 9 14 18

The end,

  • John Jr

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