Visits From My Dad’s Coworker Mr. B

This dream took place at a fictional version of my parents house that was or partly was a small ancient European (maybe British) hut-like castle near a body of water, some land, a small bridge, and a street bridge.

The main parts of the house looked modern, but there was a tunnel with rooms along it that was definitely the ancient European hut-like castle areas that were dusty with old objects in them.

The entire house was always dimly lit, and there were no windows because maybe it was partly underground or had dirt / grass over the entire house as part of the design.

In the dream I had false memories of one of my dad’s coworkers, maybe Mr. B, who in the dream used to sometimes come to the house for no clear reason.

His visits were not really visits, he would not really talk with us et cetera beyond greetings or watch TV with us et cetera, he would go into one or more rooms and / or the tunnel alone, he would sit and / or stand and / or walk around, and sometimes he would bring Mary (Mother of Jesus) candles that he would light.

It seemed that Mr. B would come to our house to get away from his house, like he just needed a quiet place to think about his problems or something, and basically the dream started with a montage of false memories of some of his many visits.

At some point there were real visits from Mr. B, at some point my mom noticed the lit Mary candles, this bothered her, and so she asked my dad to have Mr. B stay in the tunnel and the rooms along it during his visits; and so my dad let Mr. B know this, and he moved to the tunnel with his lit Mary candles.

I remember being curious about Mr. B visits and what was on his mind, I remember walking into the tunnel to consider talking to him about this, but then the dream changed a bit when I got distracted by the old dusty ancient European rooms.

Lyra Belacqua (Lyra Silvertongue) from the TV show His Dark Materials showed up, Mr. B magically was a young boy again except he was British, and he had a British accent; and he probably looked and sounded more like the character Roger Parslow.

Young British Mr. B started bragging to Lyra about the ancient European hut-like castle, the history behind it, and then he walked her outside as I followed and listened to them talking.

Young Mr. B bragged about the skills and knowledge that he had about building, fixing, working with several things in this area related to an old ancient European village that used to be here; and he named various objects, areas, et cetera.

The body of water was to the left, they walked to the small bridge by the taller street bridge that had traffic, and they started to climb some sharp rocks.

I told them that was dangerous, to be careful, and I tried to climb after them to make sure that they did not hurt themselves.

I learned some history and various other details as I listened to them about the history of this place, and things that Mr. B had learned; but I do not remember the details.

I woke up as I climbed the sharp rocks.

The end,

-John Jr

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