JB’s Pace | A Fox News Host?

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a large but narrow mall-like multi-purpose building, and among the various places inside it were The BP Library and a movie theater with a food stand along the hallway outside of it.

I was at work, at some point we had a family race through the building that also included my coworkers and I, and I remember a group of women with light-color skin being over the race; and maybe this race was a building-wide event and not just for the library, but I can not remember.

I was not able to race like I wanted to because of work distractions, the crowds of people in the race and outside of it, and maybe I had to push a cart or something around; and so I remember my female coworker JB passing me during the race.

JB actually did very good in the race, she possibly won the race, I am not sure, but I do know that she did so good that the women over the race wanted to make her pace during the race the new official pace that they would use for this special machine that they had to measure the race / give averages of the pace of the race / et cetera.

When I was waiting near the line of people at the movie theater food stand, I saw the women walking by with the machine that they were pushing, and it had a wheel-like thing that rolled as it took measurements.

I heard them talking about JB, her pace, and that they wanted it to be the new average.

After they passed by I saw JB talking with our coworker Mr. CF, Mr. CF was asking JB for help with a male patron, but JB warned him that she had already tried to help that patron earlier several times; and that each time took a very long time, and she suggested that he not get involved or risk wasting his time as well.

I listened to them from a distance, I wanted to join in, but I probably did not want to lose my place in line or something like that.

I remember a thin male employee with dark-color skin handing out popcorn et cetera to people buying food and drinks at the food stand as I listened to JB and Mr. CF talk.

Mr. CF seemed a bit annoyed that JB was not going to help, and he walked away grouchily / somewhat jokingly; but then I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream involved a Fox News or Fox News-like conservative male news host / presenter / talking head doing a show speaking against BLM (Black Lives Matter), homosexuality and homosexuals, liberals, et cetera.

He then went outside at some kind of event (maybe a protest) to annoy a probably mostly liberal crowd with mostly groups of people he had spoken against earlier, and I remember him trying to annoy them by saying various phrases like: “One man, one woman.” over and over.

To his surprise the crowd did not respond negatively like he had expected, they did not attack him, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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