A Russian Chimpanzee Invasion | Wereapes & The Loch Ness Monster?

Dream 1

This dream started with either two brothers or a brother and a cousin who both had light-color skin, they were in high school together, and they both were on the football team.

One of them had yellow (blond) hair, was taller, was more muscular, was more popular (especially with the girls, and he had a girlfriend with light-color skin with maybe red / brown hair), was a better football player, et cetera; and he overshadowed his brother or cousin in almost every way.

At first it seemed that the popular one was a good guy, he had good grades, he was in different student associations, et cetera; but slowly throughout the dream you started to see that he was basically bossing his brother or cousin around.

His brother or cousin was often with him helping him, like a servant or slave as time went on, and at some point things got really weird when he was made to shave the back of the popular one in the shower after football practice; and maybe a male coach noticed this, but I can not remember.

During that strange moment you got to see a very negative side of the popular one, his facial expression and how he talked to his cousin or brother all seemed sinister like a villain, and the less popular one seemed like he had no choice but to follow his orders.

The less popular one clearly did not like his situation, but the popular one seemed to have some kind of power over him or something.

After that very strange shower scene, they left to join a patrol as part of a militia or the military, in this dream The United States shared a border with Russia; and both sides had militia and / or soldiers patrolling that border and parts of the cities near that border.

There was a lot of tension like The United States and Russia were basically at war in a way, a somewhat cool war that was warmer than the Cold War but cooler than a normal war, and the popular and less popular one had their militia or military combat uniforms on and assault rifles as they patrolled in a military style vehicle.

Near the border on The United States side was a park along the left side of the street, and a quiet neighborhood / business area.

They parked their vehicle near this area facing the border, at some point they heard gunshot or explosion-like sounds from the Russian side of the border, and they decided to fire at the Russia side assuming that the Russians were attacking.

They shot their assault rifles and maybe launched a few grenades at the Russian side, the Russians did not respond at first, but then the Russian shot unknown projectiles that landed around the park area on The United States side.

The objects possibly opened up to reveal chimpanzees, the chimpanzees seemed trained and smart, and they started attacking people.

There was chaos as people ran for their lives, the chimpanzees were probably grabbing objects to use as weapons even, possibly including guns.

The people stood no chance against the strong, fast, agile, and acrobatic chimpanzees.

I saw the Russian chimpanzees beating people to death, biting them to death, possibly breaking their limbs, and probably even ripping off their body parts.

The two who started this started running, I am not sure why they left their vehicle, and maybe they were going to start fighting the chimpanzees but I woke up during the chaos / massacre.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, I was at a small community with small shotgun-style buildings, and there was something involving an experiment that got let out and it attacked this community.

The community had nothing to do with this experiment, but maybe an outsider was secretly experimenting inside their community or near it from maybe a small secret underground facility or a facility hidden in one of the buildings.

The experiment seemed to be some kind of wereape with powers or it was just very strong et cetera, it had gray fur, it was taller than the average person, and it could walk on two legs; and it looked probably like a thinner ape version of a werewolf.

During the chaos I tried to help save the people who lived there, I remember leading people through buildings to get them to safety, and then I had to face the wereape to block his path.

I can not remember what happened during this encounter, I just know that somehow I got infected or injected or whatever with the experimental stuff that created the wereape, and I turned into a wereape; and then I used this new power to continue helping save people.

Once the people realized that I was trying to help them, they followed me to a fictional version of my parents yard that had a small shallow body of water closer to the front porch, and a deeper larger body of water on the side closest to the field.

I remember noticing bubbles in the larger body of water that we were standing by, I sensed that something big and dangerous was there, and so I told the others; and I had them get back.

Then what looked like the Loch Ness Monster came from under the water to attack, I possibly punched it back with my super strength, and it went underwater.

I then used a fishing pole to hook it underwater, and then I used a reeling technique that my uncle JE told me about yesterday to reel the Lock Ness Monster to the surface; and then I used my super strength to throw it to the small body of water.

The Loch Ness Monster saw that it could not defeat me, I then talked to it, it did not talk back, and it stopped trying to attack; and it started to enjoy the small body of water, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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