Reverend F’s Water Pipes

I had more dreams but I did not record them, and so I only remember part of the end of this dream.

This dream took place during the day, and my family connected some piping / plumbing to the water pipes behind Reverend F’s house that burned down Saturday without asking Reverend F and his family for some unknown reason.

Maybe because they were not sure where they were to contact them, so they could not ask them until the next time that they see them, but they should not have done this without asking.

I am not sure how I felt about this in the dream, I would assume that I did not think that this was a good idea, and I probably said so.

In this dream Reverend F’s water pipes did not get damaged by the fire on Saturday, the water was still on, and it seemed that my family was going to use some of that water.

I went outside to stretch before jogging, and while I was stretching I saw Reverend F’s son in our yard by my brother GC’s new dog Onyx.

Reverend F’s son was looking around in that area like he was looking for something, I assumed that maybe he noticed the new piping / plumbing connected to their water pipes, and maybe he was trying to figure out whose yard did they lead to.

There were no visible pipes in that area for him to see, and so I assumed that he was not sure who had connected the new piping / plumbing; but I did see that it seemed that he had disconnected them because I did not see them, but it was far away so I could have been wrong.

He left the yard, I guess he did not see me, and I was going to tell my family.

If I saw my family’s piping / plumbing that he disconnected, I was going to go get it when no one was around, but I woke up before I could tell my family who were probably gone somewhere anyway.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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