National Guard And Police Gone Rogue

This dream took place during the day in a fictional city, and I lived at a nice fictional one-story brick / wood college apartment house with several other people including: my former male classmate SS, some of SS’s family (like maybe his brother MS), and maybe several other people.

I assume that we were in college again, in this dream I still had a job, maybe I still worked at the library; but I am not sure, but I do know that I wore dress or semi-dress clothes to work.

Our apartment house was in a low income area it seemed, and our apartment house was the best looking house in the neighborhood from what I remember seeing.

The apartment house had a tiny front yard with steps in the front with a small porch, some of the wood parts were possibly painted yellow, and maybe a flag was hanging on the front of the house.

I can not remember most of the dream, I know that I talked with SS and the others, that I watched the news on TV, that I spent some time in my room, and that at some point I got dressed in my work (dress or semi-dress) clothes for either work and / or college.

I got dressed early and I was going to leave early, but SS’s dad Mr. S showed up.

Mr. S wanted to get SS and the rest of his family out of the state and possibly out of the country if necessary because some National Guard commanders and police commanders and some of the soldiers and police under them had gone rogue in several states in our country including our state.

Mr. S wanted to get his family out of here before things got worse and / or before they close the borders, and his plan was to either go to a state not impacted by this or to leave to another country like South Korea maybe.

I possibly had heard a bit about it earlier on the news, but I did not realize how bad it was until Mr. S explained what he saw and knew.

Mr. S (who is a military veteran) told us the list of states that were currently impacted by this, what the rogue soldiers and police were doing in some of those states, what he saw in our state and in our city on his way here, et cetera.

He told us that the rogue soldiers and police were defying orders of the federal government, that they were setting up roadblocks / checkpoints on the borders of their states and at various locations within their states, that they were doing patrols, they were questioning and searching people et cetera, and basically they were occupying their own states / cities even defying the local governments probably.

The number of soldiers and police going rogue was probably increasing throughout the country, they seemed to be very organized following the lead of their commanders, and they seemed to be angry.

In a way this seemed like their way of protesting, rioting, rebelling, sending a message, showing their authority, lashing out, et cetera; and fortunately they probably were not attacking people yet.

After hearing about the situation and how it was getting worse, I still left for work and / or college anyway, and I made sure to avoid the rogue police / military and their checkpoints / roadblocks / patrols / et cetera.

It seemed that maybe they were going to set up their own autonomous zones eventually, but who knows.

When I was driving around I remember seeing a male military commander with light-color skin wearing his combat uniform talking to some soldiers under him, they were under a bridge, and he was angrily giving a speech.

I drove by keeping my distance, I still had enough time to make it to work and / or college on time, but I woke up before I could get there.

The end,

-John Jr

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