A Message From A Tiny Empire?

I probably should have voice recorded this dream because autocorrect ruined the short text that I made of this dream on my mobile phone in Google Docs, and so now this dream is super unclear because this is all that my messed up text of this dream says:

Mom gives me a possible Chinese give mind message, I stand outside building of country where message possibly sent from, they are having a meeting, GC and I possibly at apartment or somewhere outside during the day.

When I tried to make my short text notes of this dream I was in bed, was trying to get back to sleep, I could not see well, and I did not bother to record much.

I have no idea what that first part was trying to say (maybe a Chinese-like message was sent by mind / mentally / telepathy?), I do know that my mom probably gave me a message of some kind, and that message was from a tiny fictional ancient empire / country / kingdom in Asia that was probably ruled by an emperor or something like that.

Maybe this assumed emperor was said to be powerful (maybe powers as well) and had possibly lived for hundreds or thousands of years ruling this empire.

I remember walking outside during the day along a wide nature path that went by the tiny empire, and I remember standing outside the palace of the assumed emperor as a meeting took place.

The palace had an ancient Asian style to it.

There were possibly some mountains on one or both sides of this path, probably with some snow, but this area was not cold or hot; and it probably felt like I was near maybe China or India et cetera in the wilderness.

There were steps leading up to the open doors of the palace, I did not walk up the steps, I just stood down there watching and listening to their meeting.

Someone was sitting on maybe a throne wearing ancient Asian-style clothing as maybe advisers et cetera gave their opinions on this and that, and to me it seemed that maybe their emperor was not really alive and possibly never did exist or they had puppet emperors (and possibly a real emperor who operates in the shadow).

To me it seemed that someone would be chosen to play the role of emperor, but that they were probably not really the emperor.

Maybe the real emperor if there was one, was pretty much never seen by most people, and if there was no real emperor then this was all done for show to keep control and to maybe reduce the chances of other countries attacking them.

To me it seemed that there was a puppet emperor for show, and either the real emperor gave that person orders from the shadows or the council or whatever told the puppet emperor what they think they should do; but that was just my wild guess.

And the end of the dream involved my brother GC and I outside an apartment or somewhere like that, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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