Earfquake And Faded Blurred Vision And Dizziness

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a larger fictional version of The BP Library, and I was there working.

This version of the library possibly only had white with maybe small rock-like pattern hard-tile floors with an entrance hallway that led to a small bathroom on the left side with a glass wall / door with no privacy, to the right of the bathroom was a small medical room (with a medical table et cetera like a medical exam room at a doctor’s office) with a glass wall / door, to the right of that was a small gym with a glass wall / door, to the right of that was a front desk with maybe a door to a staff room behind it, and to the right of that was a glass wall / doors leading to the main areas of the library where most of my coworkers and I seemed to have desks scattered around the patron areas.

I was sitting at a desk working on a computer, I did not get to talk to any of my coworkers or any patrons, and so the dream felt a bit lonely.

I remember glancing around sometimes wondering where some of my coworkers were like my female coworker JB and my coworker Mr. CF, I assumed that maybe JB was somewhere in the building helping with some arts & crafts, and I assumed that maybe Mr. CF was off for the day.

My coworker Ms. SB (JB) was somewhere nearby looking at very old blurry maybe black and white or almost black and white video and / or photographs of some kind of Southern American group that I assumed that she had history with and / or some of her family did based on her reactions to the videos / photographs, for some reason I felt that this group was possibly racist, but that was just my guess / feelings / assumption in the dream from the little that I saw so it was not confirmed during the dream.

I possibly saw my female coworkers DT and CR working somewhere in the distance, but I can not remember who else I saw in this area.

I remember listening to music at the computer using headphones as I worked and I sometimes glanced around still feeling a bit lonely or just wanting to talk to / help someone.

At some point as I was listening to the song Earfquake by Tyler, The Creator, I stopped to look around wondering if I had accidentally started singing the song out loud or if I had only been singing it in my mind, and I was probably at this part of the song when that happened:

‘Cause you make my earth quake (earth quake, ooh)
Oh, you make my earth quake
Riding around, your love is shakin’ me up and it’s making my heart break
Don’t leave, it’s my fault

No one was staring at me, and so I assumed / hoped that I had not sung / sang part of it out loud by mistake. 😀

After that I felt like I needed to urinate, and so I walked to the first bathroom in the building.

There was a line of patrons at the front desk there, and my coworker Ms. RB was probably working at that desk alone.

When I got to the bathroom door I saw that a woman with light-color skin with medium-length brown hair was laying on a medical table or hospital bed inside the bathroom, this confused me even in the dream, and so I decided to go find another bathroom.

When I turned around I saw a tall woman with long red hair with light-color skin from behind who(m) I assumed was my coworker JB, I did not get to see her face though to confirm whether it was really her or not, and she was quickly passing by the line of patrons in a hurry like she needed to get somewhere quickly like there was an emergency.

I was not sure if she came from the gym, the possible door behind the front desk, behind the front desk (maybe I failed to notice her when I walked by the first time), or somewhere else.

I did not see where she went though because I stopped to take off my glasses (eyeglasses) for reasons now unknown, and so my vision was blurry at this point; and I was not sure if she left the building or if she just went further inside the building through some other door.

I then noticed that my vision was also faded or washed out or foggy, blurriness made sense without my glasses, but I was confused by why my vision also looked like it does when you swim in chlorine swimming pool water too long with your eyes open.

This combination of blurry vision that was faded / washed out / foggy caused me to start walking slowly through the line of patrons to avoid bumping into anyone, but then I started to feel dizzy.

I then started to also feel faint like I was going to collapse to the ground or faint, this caused me to stop for a moment to try to recover, and I literally tried to shake it off by shaking my head.

I then put my glasses back on, but I woke up as I tried to continue walking to the main area where my desk was.

It is super rare for me to ever know whether I am wearing glasses or not in a dream, so that was interesting, and me having blurried vision and dizziness and feeling faint in a dream is super rare; and so that is even more interesting.

When I woke up I felt none of those things other than really needing to urinate just like I did in the dream, and I felt the loneliness-like feelings from the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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