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I had more dreams and there was more to the two dreams that I did record part of, unfortunately I did not record most of my dreams or the details.

So now I can only remember part of the end of two dreams.

Dream 1

This was a nice little dream with false memories, involving me traveling around a familiar fictional city for possibly more than one day.

I am not sure how long, and some false memory-like memories were made during the dream from my time spent in the fictional city during the dream, which is a phenomenon that Moya mentioned recently.

Unfortunately, there were time jumps during my favorite parts of the dream, and so I am not sure what happened during most of the dream.

This fictional city was partly based on the city of LC, combined with one or two other cities.

The areas that I remember traveling around had a more compact look to it, and it felt like and was designed for traveling by foot or slowly by vehicle.

The areas that I remember had a pleasant welcoming shopping district / town square-like feel to them, lots of sidewalks, lots of window shopping, laid back and relaxed, and just take your time looking around.

I had false memories of this city, like I had been there before.

As I traveled around the city, some new memories were made that probably got mixed in with the false memories because I traveled to some areas more than once, especially if this dream took place over more than one day.

I traveled by automobile and by foot, my brother GC was with me at some point, and maybe we were walking or driving when I saw something on the wall of a building that reminded me of Amarna Miller.

I stopped, turned around, and looked to see if that was Amarna Miller on the outside of that building.

Not only that, but I was too far away, but on second glance it did not seem to be an image or sign or figure of her.

I did not get closer for a better look, and so I assumed that it must have been a trick of light / shadow or something that made me think that.

Then we continued walking or driving slowly while looking around, enjoying the view and moment.

Magically the dream changed, I was no longer with my brother GC, and I was now with Amarna Miller; but I did not notice this change during the dream.

Amarna and I were probably walking outside along the same route that my brother GC and I had been on, and then the dream jumped forward in time, with us now inside a nearby shopping mall (mall).

We were carrying things that we were going to buy and maybe some things that we already bought which were in bags.

Probably all stuff that Amarna had picked out, we were still shopping, and we wanted to probably get some food to eat before we finish shopping or afterward.

We probably were going to buy what we had not paid for yet, pick a restaurant inside the mall, eat, continue shopping, and then leave to maybe continue exploring the city.

Unfortunately, the dream skipped most of our time together.

We seemed happy and very comfortable like we knew each other, more like we were dating or married or close friends.

I have no idea what our relationship was or how we had met in the dream.

As we were walking inside the mall to find a restaurant, we reached a middle area where there was an area with cash registers in front of another section of the mall that was possibly another building that was connected to the building that we were in.

A male employee with dark-color skin told us that we had to pay for our items before we can continue to the other side of the mall.

We stopped to get in line, this was our chance to pay for the rest of the items, then find a restaurant to eat at, and then continue our journey.

I remember asking Amarna what kind of food did she feel like eating today, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American, et cetera; and I asked if she had any particular restaurants in mind.

Amarna probably was not sure and was probably thinking about it.

I tried to help give her some ideas, we also talked about other things that I can not remember, but I woke up as we talked about this and our plans for the rest of our journey.

Dream 2

A forgotten earlier part of this dream involved my coworker Ms. JM, but that is all that I can remember of that forgotten part of this dream.

At the end of this dream, I remember walking during the day along a fictional trail in the city of D that ended near a fictional nicer version of The Green House; which was in a fictional location that seemed to combine part of where it really is with where my aunt JE’s house is with a fictional location.

I think that it was day at first, I noticed my male cousin DE through a window inside The Green House, and I heard him talking to my mom who was also inside the house.

I walked into the yard, I waited, and eventually I went inside the house; but my mom and DE were gone, and somehow things changed to where a fictional family with light-color skin was living there now.

The husband was a short, overweight man with a mustache who was in the living room trying to connect a long cord to a TV.

He had some of his family turn on the TV, and he went outside to connect the other end of the cord to maybe a telescope.

The husband wanted the family to be able to see what the telescope could see.

I assume that there was something special in the sky that they wanted to see, and they were going to watch it on the TV together as a family.

His family was going to let him know when the picture on the TV was clear.

I remember it coming in and out of focus, and as they were working on that some of their neighbor’s children who had dark-color skin were walking over to visit them.

I woke up as the children were talking to each other as they walked to the door to ring the doorbell.

The end,

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