Taking TDC And KDC To Get A Haircut

This dream took place during the day in the city of D, and at some point in the dream I possibly met and talked to my former male classmate DH and his mom Mrs. CH.

Later in the dream I used my mobile phone to call an older female library patron with dark-color skin, maybe Mrs. S, who was a barber / hairdresser because my brothers TDC and KDC needed a haircut.

She told me that she would cut their hair, and then I went online to start trying to order a pizza from maybe Domino’s.

This took longer than it should have, I then realized that I needed to take my brothers to get their haircut, and so I drove them near Mrs. CH’s house so that the woman could cut their hair.

While I waited DH walked over to me talking about something involving money, I asked him if he needed some money or if he needed some change, but he probably said no.

Then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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