Outdoor Library | No Face Mask | Chemical Burn | Lucid Dreams | Tricking The Mafia

I do not feel like typing my dreams and I still am two days behind on typing my dreams, and so I will just put the mostly unedited text notes that I made of my dreams on my mobile phone below.

Dream 1

At outdoor library working during day at blue van with mom, my female coworker JB knows a lock up or pop up mechanism in glovebox and opens it, my mom looks in there for something while knocking off rust pieces et cetera, male patron curses while talking about state of the world with children around, JB gone before I can ask her how she knew about glovebox, my cloth face mask falls off my face by accident on a nearby boy’s face causing him to walk away coughing / gagging in disgust, I go to find him to apologize and tell his parents as my mom and the rest of the kids walk away from the van, my mom complains about the man cursing earlier.