Outdoor Library | No Face Mask | Chemical Burn | Lucid Dreams | Tricking The Mafia

I do not feel like typing my dreams and I still am two days behind on typing my dreams, and so I will just put the mostly unedited text notes that I made of my dreams on my mobile phone below.

Dream 1

At outdoor library working during day at blue van with mom, my female coworker JB knows a lock up or pop up mechanism in glovebox and opens it, my mom looks in there for something while knocking off rust pieces et cetera, male patron curses while talking about state of the world with children around, JB gone before I can ask her how she knew about glovebox, my cloth face mask falls off my face by accident on a nearby boy’s face causing him to walk away coughing / gagging in disgust, I go to find him to apologize and tell his parents as my mom and the rest of the kids walk away from the van, my mom complains about the man cursing earlier.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place in the dining room of my parents house, I was possibly sitting in a chair and my brother TDC was possibly standing very close to me cutting a watermelon maybe, I remember helping him, we did not have face masks on, I noticed that before I woke up, I wondered why I did not have my cloth face mask on, and I hoped that I did not have COVID-19 because I did not want to infect my brother.

Nap Dreams

I had a lot of dreams after work during my naps, I got caught in a quicksand-like sleeping and waking cycle, I kept waking up and going back to sleep, I could not stop this cycle, and so I was trapped in bed in and out of this for who knows how many dreams.

Nap Dream 1

I got a chemical burn from a computer monitor or something that burst some battery acid-like stuff on my finger that possibly went through my gloves, this felt and looked real, I washed my hands but it kept getting worse, I started to panic, I called out to my family so that they could take me to the emergency room before I lose my finger or something, but I woke up from the panic as I saw and felt my finger basically slowly being eaten away by the chemicals.

Nap Dream 2

I had several lucid dreams with me flying and sneaking from E House yard, I experimented with various flying techniques and seeing how easy I could fly, I tested some of the limits of trying to fly without much effort, I did some other things in these lucid dreams, but unfortunately I did not record the details.

Nap Dream 3

There was a building fire, and I put on my cloth face mask talk to my mom.

Nap Dream 4

In building with mafia or gang-like group, someone sent me there to trick them and give them RFID like stickers / patches to put on their skin that would secretly (I guess maybe some kind of drug or magic or something was on the glue) put them in a sleeping waking quicksand cycle like the one that I was trapped in at this time in real life, and once they were sleep whoever sent me to do this was going to do or get something from inside their building maybe.

The end,

-John Jr

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