Coworkers & Cloth Face Masks & Abby Anderson & Itsreal85 & Triple H & Chris Stuckmann

Dream 1

I went to a gym where there was a sports game, some of my coworkers there like my female coworker JB like maybe The BP Library was inside this school building, I walk to a room alone with the door open, down the hallway I hear JB and some of my other coworkers in a room possibly talking about me and maybe making fun of me.

Dream 2

People wanting to order face masks, there was talk about the character Abby Anderson from the video game The Last Of Us Part II, I try to decide which cloth face masks to buy from one of the companies that I considered buying from when looking at an article by GQ called Where To Buy Face Masks Right Now.

Dream 3

I went to Itsreal85’s house to visit, while I was talking to Itsreal85 his male cousin or someone he knew showed up, we went to a bedroom or a family room because Itsreal85 wanted to show his cousin something, while they were talking I was standing up drinking water from my glass cup / mug that I have in real life, while drinking my cup / mug of water I realized that I did not have my cloth face mask on, at the end of the dream a fake older Itsreal85 mentioned that his parents showed up later uninvited to his bands concert at his house, his parents possibly treated me poorly at first until he said something to them, he said that his band is / has a language barrier and that his parents do not understand.

Dream 4

I am following Itsreal85 and someone else by automobile during the day in the city of D on our way to an area near maybe a school, maybe to watch a video or a movie, and I heard a rumor that Triple H was in a coma.

Dream 5

Itsreal85 driving somewhere to make a video with two women, and Chris Stuckmann makes an emotional video thanking his fans.

The end,

-John Jr

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