Sniper Vs. Cartel | New House | A Heath Ledger / Judi Dench Movie?

Dream 1

This dream involved a cartel or mafia or gang getting sniped by a sniper.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, my parents had a nice new house, and I saw my brother CC walking into the back yard toward the deck on his way to visit.

I greeted him, I walked into the house, and I opened the door to the deck which was sealed from the outside with glass walls so that he could walk inside.

The back yard was walled, and so you had privacy and a nice view of the back yard and trees et cetera behind it from the sealed deck.

I stopped to enjoy the view, I remember thinking that this will be a great spot for me to set up some exercise equipment, and that this will probably be my favorite spot in the house because I could use it to: exercise, use my computer, read, think, daydream, enjoy the view, et cetera.

Dream 3

I was not in this dream directly.

This dream involved what seemed more like a movie with a Heath Ledger-like man or maybe it was him.

It was night or late evening, he was arriving at his male friend’s house to visit, and he entered the house from the back door without knocking because he knew that it was unlocked / that his friend was okay with him entering the house unannounced.

When he entered the house he found his friend dead on the floor, before he could do anything another man entered the house, and this man assumed that the Heath Ledger-like man had murdered his friend.

The man starts to accuse him, the Heath Ledger-like man tries to explain without any luck, and so he leaves to his house as the man calls the authorities.

Once at home, a man with light-color skin arrives to warn him that The Authorities are coming, that man leaves, but the Heath Ledger-like man stays.

Some women wearing gold and white church robes holding lit candles walked across the field to his house led by Judi Dench, I assume that they are part of the authority, maybe some kind of religious authority.

He walks outside to greet them, Ms. Dench tells him that she is hear to interrogate him about the death of his friend, but then they seem to recognize this house and him.

Their facial expressions and reactions change like there is something special about this place, and that the man was probably related to someone special to them.

Ms. Dench asks: “Is he here?” and he replied “No, he probably is gone helping / healing someone, you know how he is, and how so many people need his help.”.

I got the feeling that they were talking about me, that he was my brother, and that in this movie or dream world this authority or religious authority seemed to possibly have a religion or something built around me possibly like I must have had powers (healing powers et cetera) and like they thought that I was holy / blessed an angel or god or demi-god or just very special.

I got the feeling that it was like in the Frank Herbert Dune books where the Fremen built a religion (Golden Elixir Of Life) around Paul Atreides whether he wanted it or not.

I felt that maybe this was my parents house and that I still lived with them and my brother(s) in this simple house even in this dream world where I possibly had powers and was possibly considered holy et cetera.

From their reactions it seemed that the women had hoped to be able to see me, Ms. Dench probably asked about our parents hoping to see them and it seemed that they probably considered my parents to be special / maybe holy just because they were my parents, but he said that our parents were gone out-of-town or something like that.

Because he was probably my brother he was probably considered at least somewhat special, but they still were going to interrogate him; but they did not seem to think that he was guilty.

Ms. Dench was probably going to ask to interrogate him inside the house alone, the other women probably hoped to be able to enter the house after the interrogation, it seemed that they considered the house to be special / holy just because it was where I grew up and still lived.

But I woke up before I could see if any of these assumptions that I made were true or not.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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