A Compressed File | An Inappropriate Class

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was at a crowded but small sporting event, maybe a tennis tournament where they had us standing outside very close to the action and the judges / referees / et cetera.

I was wearing a cloth face mask and my dad was possibly there, a male referee or judge with light-color skin was standing not that far away from me, and I heard someone in the crowd say that referee or judge or another referee / judge possibly had COVID-19.

After hearing this some of the crowd started to back away and get a bit worried, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream involved me needing to get somewhere, my mom gave me a ride, but she parked along the sidewalk in a nice quiet downtown-like area because she wanted me to go shopping with her or something like that.

I decided that I would shop with my mom and hope that I still had time to make it to wherever I needed to be.

Shortly after getting out of the vehicle and starting to walk along the sidewalk, we were approached by a woman with curly hair who looked like a light-skin version of my female cousin AE, and she told me that I looked familiar and that maybe we had worked together on an animation project before.

I had no idea who she was and I had never worked on an animation project before, but I did not say anything other than greeting her back.

She had a laptop and she said that she had a problem that she assumed that I could help her with, this was going to take up more time, but I decided to help her anyway.

Her laptop seemed to have an older version of Microsoft Windows, maybe Windows 7, she had a file open that seemed to be a compressed (archive) file that was possibly open in the program WinRar, the file was 550 MB, and she needed help figuring out how to open the file.

I started to ask her some questions like: what kind of file was this, where did she get the file, is it a legitimate file, did she do a malware scan on it, what antimalware / antivirus programs did she have installed, did it make sense for this file to be that large, et cetera.

I started to tell her that it was important to make sure that the file was safe before extracting it, the file was currently compressed and needed to be extracted before she could open it, but you do not want to extract an unsafe file that is possibly malicious.

As I was asking her questions and explaining this, a nearby woman who looked somewhat like my aunt JE (it was not her), started waving a sign around like she was protesting something but I did not pay attention to her.

I told the woman that the file could be open once it is extracted, first we needed to make sure that it was safe, what format the file was, and see if she has any programs that can open that file type; but I woke up.

Dream 2

At the end of this dream I was sitting at a table inside a multi-story building on an upper floor in a small open room that was next to a larger room where a class of students elementary age and high school age were sitting in groups at desks waiting on their teacher who was a woman with light-color skin with blond hair.

The teacher showed up, stood in a corner, and the students started to take turns as groups saying something that the teacher had assigned their group to say and do together.

The first group of younger kids started to say something in French, the second group of young kids said something in English that included an inappropriate word that I can not remember, and the third group was a group of maybe high school girls who had to say something with the word penis in it and that involved something to do with oral sex while they had tiny dildos sitting on their desks.

All of this was confusing and inappropriate to me, the students did not seem to want to do this and were just following their teacher’s instructions, and then one of the high school girl’s mom who had light-color skin with long orange hair wearing summer clothing approached another female teacher who had light-color skin with long blond hair to complain about this.

The other teacher agreed with the mom, she said that teacher was new and there have been complaints about her having students do inappropriate things, but then I started to leave as their class probably ended.

As I was walking I started putting on a cloth face mask that someone had given me, it was one that had to be tied, and it was white with pink circles which I was not a fan of this color or design other than being glad to have the chance to try a mask that you can tie.

As I was approaching the stairway I saw a woman in front of me who looked like my female coworker JB from behind, her hair was a different shade of red or it was orange, and she was also trying to put on a cloth face mask that you had to tie.

I asked her if she was J, she replied yes, and then I told her that I was surprised to see her there; and I felt happy to see someone I knew, especially JB.

JB replied: “This is what happens when you start cooking dinner late.” , this was why she happened to be here, and she laughed as we started to walk down the stairs.

We did not get to talk further because she left in a different direction, I left toward an exit on the right to the outside, and I saw an overweight man with light-color skin with brown hair who smiled and I greeted him as we walked outside.

Another man with light-color in the distance was trying to stop a criminal who was escaping, so he pulled out a pistol, but the man near me falsely assumed that he was the criminal; and so the man near me pulled out a pistol to go after the other man with the pistol.

The man who had been near me possibly shot the other man with a pistol, I can not remember, I just remember running to stop him; and the other man was on the ground.

I tried to explain to the man that he was making a mistake as he pointed his pistol at the man on the ground like he was going to shoot him, he would not listen, and so I pulled out a tan pistol that looked like maybe a SIG Sauer M17.

I had to point it at the man while trying to talk him down, the man on the ground who I was trying to help was actually an off-duty police officer, and I asked him if it was okay for me to shoot the other man if he continued to point his gun at him / if it seemed that he would shoot and not follow my commands to lower his weapon; and he said yes, and so I warned the other man one last time about his mistake and that I would shoot if it seemed that he was going to shoot the man on the ground who I made clear to him was a police officer who was trying to stop the criminal who was escaping still.

Fortunately he finally lowered his pistol, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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