Rose Kidnaps Itsreal85?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a fictional multi-story building that included a college, maybe a school, a dorm, and who knows what else.

My brothers and I shared a dorm room / suite, maybe we went to the college or school, but I am not sure.

All my brothers left somewhere except for my brother CC and I, I was about to go take a bath, but CC and I walked into the hallway outside our dorm room or into another room briefly as people were walking down the hall.

While standing there I heard two male voices inside our dorm room, and so we walked back inside to investigate.

We found two men with light-color skin taking some money from by a bed in one or our bedrooms, one of the men was my former male classmate C or K, and to prevent CC from attacking them I greeted C (K).

While greeting him I calmly got the money back from them, I sat the money back where it came from, and I walked them outside into the hallway still talking to them to get them away from CC and our dorm room.

As we walked and talked I remember seeing our former female classmate LB, and I remember explaining to C (K) and his friend that my brothers and I lived in that dorm room et cetera.

Something strange happened where a tall female Golden Saint-like / High Priestess Ayesha-like entity or woman with either golden or light-color skin somewhat / possibly kidnapped Itsreal85 making him drive a golden low-profile Lamborghini-like sports car.

During the drive the female entity or woman told Itsreal85 that her name was Rose.

Rose made Itsreal85 drive them somewhere doing dangerous stunts along the way to reach the location like ramping over objects et cetera, and she had him drive inside the building and up stairs and into a room.

They reached a very large wooden circular gear-like wheel and some other objects near or on a stage, Rose had super strength, and she was able to lift it and connect it all together.

Rose then made Itsreal85 perform / act in a play-like performance with her on the objects / stage.

They danced, sang, acted, et cetera; and Rose even had Itsreal85 sing a custom song where they took a Christmas song, maybe Jingle Bells, and he came up with custom lyrics for it as he sang.

Itsreal85 asked her what her name was again because he had forgotten, she said Rose, and then he added her name to the song as he continued to sing it.

It was somewhat unclear if Itsreal85 was her hostage or not still or ever, she was clearly too powerful / strong for him to be able to escape from her or defeat her, and he seemed to be at least somewhat going along with everything somewhat willingly at this point at least; and maybe it was like that from the beginning, but I am not sure.

I woke up during or after their performance / play.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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