Greet The Neighbor? | Celebrity Boxing | Governor’s Mandate | Hearing JB & Mr. BB | Idea For A Priest

Dream 1

My family and I moved to a house in a town that reminded me of a city in Maine, my mom wants to make some cookies and take them to our neighbor and say hello later, we had not seen our neighbor yet, I imagined the neighbor being a mean loner man with light-color skin who would probably have a gun, I thought that we should let them know that we are going to go to their door and record us going if we did go, but I did not think that we should go unless we saw our neighbor and then wave and go greet him first.

Dream 2

There was a political celebrity boxing match between Danny DeVito and a male politician with light-color skin, I was probably not in the dream, but somehow I was seeing this like it was a video.

This was some kind of political celebrity boxing series or league or whatever where usually a politician and a celebrity would fight / box each other, and it was similar to Ultimate Surrender where who ever lost a fight had to be humiliated by the winner for a few seconds.

*Graphic Nasty Content Warning*

Mr. DeVito lost the fight, they both collapsed to the mat (ground) because they were so tired, and when the camera turned back to them they were somehow naked.

What happened next was shocking, nasty, disturbing, uncensored (which is rare for my dreams), but fortunately it was only a few seconds (less than 10 seconds maybe).

The politician who won then performed anal sex on Mr. Devito for about 3 seconds, then he urinated on him for about 2 seconds, then they shook hands, and the fight was over; and I woke up fortunately because that was disgusting.

In the rare times in my dream where there is sexual content it is usually very brief and censored and / or interrupted in my dreams, and so this was unusual on several levels; and I have no idea what that was all about or inspired by.

Dream 3

In this dream I was shopping at Walmart, at some point I was in the shoe section, oddly the shoe section also had bras in it.

At some point I got to see surveillance video footage of myself shopping inside Walmart, and the next thing that I remember is being home.

My dad was there talking with my brother TDC and my brother KDC about something, and then he started telling them about the governor’s order / mandate (maybe the face mask mandate).

Dream 4

In this dream I was in bed, maybe I woke up inside the dream, and it was morning it seemed.

I had an alarm clock radio next to my bed, and from the alarm clock I heard what sounded like the voice of my female coworker JB talking with her husband Mr. BB.

I was confused by how was I hearing them talking through the radio on my alarm clock.

At some point Mr. BB said something negative about JB, he was mostly joking I assumed, and then I somewhat jokingly told him to be nice.

I was not sure if they could hear me or not, I said it anyway, but there was no response; and so I assumed that they could not hear me, but somehow I could hear them.

The next thing that I remember is that I was somewhere else, maybe work, and once again I was somehow hearing what sounded like some people on a boat tour down a river; but it sounded like something was wrong, maybe the river was moving to fast, and I assumed that JB and Mr. BB (and possibly their children) were on that boat.

My female coworker TR walked into the room, and she started telling me about the boat tour et cetera.

I was worried for the safety of JB and Mr. BB and the others if what I thought was happening as true, and I wanted to call for help or help them somehow; but I woke up.

Dream 5

This dream took place during the day, and there was a somewhat higher ranked somewhat older male priest with light-color skin who worked for the Catholic church who was going to retire in maybe a year or two.

I told him about an idea that I had for a project that he could try that would probably leave enough of an impact that he would be remembered for many years / be famous / be in the history books / et cetera, and he could retire with a great achievement.

I remember walking him outside in my parents yard near where the basketball goals used to be so that I could explain and show my idea to him, but I can not remember what my idea was.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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