Temporarily Becoming The Owner / Coach Of A Detroit NFL Team?

I had several dreams that I woke up remembering part of, but I assume that I either accidentally went back to sleep without recording them and / or I had false awakening dreams of myself recording them.

I just know that when I woke up I thought that I had already recorded my dreams, but when I checked my phone I had no recordings; and so now I can only remember barely part of my last dream now that the other dreams are forgotten.

▶ Every “Black Mirror” Episode Ranked + Reviewed! | Seasons 1 – 5

While I do not agree with Impression Blend on some of her rankings of the Black Mirror episodes, like ranking one of my favorite episodes (Crocodile) as her least favorite episode (I do agree that the main character escalated things too quickly and out-of-nowhere), I did agree with her on some of her rankings; and I think that she did a good job with the presentation of this video.

Ranking this many episodes across this many seasons like this is not easy, especially on an anthology show like this, and so that alone is impressive.

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