An Alternate Timeline Where My Mom Died? | A 3D Video Of The City Of D

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it seemed to take place in an alternate timeline where my mom had died back when I was a kid, and in the dream I was my current age I assume.

I remember seeing some people sitting in an auditorium having a discussion, I was probably not there, and one group had light-color skin and the other group had medium-to-dark color skin.

I remember them talking about race, the group with light-color skin were very cautious and subtle as they talked about race, and the group with medium-to-dark color skin were very open and clear as they talked about race.

I remember one of the men with light-color skin making a joke about race while still trying to be cautious and subtle, but I can not remember the joke other than it not being funny.

The next thing that I remember is walking outside during the day across a field where students from elementary to high school were playing games and sports et cetera, and this area seemed like it was possibly in the city of D in a fictional area near The BS Grocery store on Southside.

As I walked by the students I remember a younger student saying something to me that reminded me of how my mom had died back when I was a kid in this fictional alternate timeline of my life, I can not remember what the kid said, but it possibly had something to do with the moon but I can not remember.

This caused me to stop and start thinking about how my mom had died all those years ago and what it was like growing up without a mom, this made me sad, and while I was deep in thought a male high school student with dark-color skin with black hair told the younger kid that whatever he had said had brought back memories of how my mom had died; and he told the kid not to say that around me in the future, and he explained why et cetera.

I thanked the older student and I let the younger student know that I was not angry or anything, that I knew that it was not intentional et cetera, and I remember the older student asking me if I was okay; and I told him that some sad memories had come back to me, but that I would be okay and I thanked him.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was watching a video, a cool 3D video, and it showed a man with light-color skin sitting in his car with his pet dog parked next to a sidewalk late in the afternoon or early evening.

I was able to manipulate the 3D video to see different angles, rewind and fast forward, pause, et cetera; and I noticed that he was parked in front of the entrance of The BP Library to my surprise, and so this video was recorded in the city of D.

At some point the man started driving around the city of D, which started out in real areas, but the areas got more fictionalized as the dream went on; but they still were close enough that they were familiar still.

It was cool getting to see various angles in 3D as he drove around, he drove past a fictional abandoned two-story church in a fictionalized area near N Street, and I had false memories of this church; and I knew that this church was now used for meetings and other things instead of it being a church anymore.

He drove through a small narrow alley behind a row of connected one-story house apartments, this alley was very close to the back of the house apartments, and this was the coolest looking shots in the video; and I had to paused and rewind and fast forward this in various angles.

I could see the sun setting, the light reflections, and the change in brightness as it got darker; it was amazing, and beautiful even though the apartment houses and the alley looked rough.

After he drove through this alley at some point he drove past a small fictional one-story white building that I had false memories of it being owned by the city of D, it was an old building that was a bit rough but clean for an older building, and they had recently cleaned it up because a parade or some kind of other city event was going to take place soon.

I wanted to keep watching the video to see the city of D like I had never seen it before, but my alarm clock woke me up from this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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