Helping The White House Coronavirus Task Force

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of my last dream which seemed to involve some random citizens being chosen to be members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, my dad was one of the people chosen, another was a Chinese American citizen with light-color skin with black hair, and I was either helping my dad or I was chosen as well.

The / Us randomly chosen citizens seemed to be there to help with more minor things in the background instead of appearing at briefings et cetera, and so they / we had to help with some minor decisions choosing various things and various things from some computers.

At some point I was helping do something on a computer online, we each automatically were given accounts to some kind of online service, I logged in, it seemed that through this service I also automatically had a Yahoo Mail email address, and so I clicked on the Yahoo link to see if I was correct.

It took me to a Yahoo Mail address, I was correct, and then I went to click on the settings to see what my password was or if I could change it because being signed into the previous website seemed to have automatically logged me in; and so I was logged in through a third party service, and I hoped to find the password or change it to one that I know.

But something went wrong, I got an error message that seemed to be something about the operating system, and while I was trying to figure this out something strange happened.

*Sexual Content Warning*

Somehow the dream very quickly / briefly showed a flash of two other dream scenes that were pornographic, this was random and made no sense and had no connection to me or the dream that I was in, and sexual content like this is rare in my dreams.

It quickly jumped between two pornographic scene (sex act) endings with each involving a facial with one man with maybe light-color skin standing up and one woman on her knees in maybe a bedroom or motel room next to a bed.

These two random dream scenes had nothing to do with the dream that I was in, they did not seem to be videos, I was not in them at all, and so this was confusing and weird and random et cetera.

In one scene the woman was short and was possibly from somewhere in Asia (Asian) and had light-color skin with long black hair, and in the other scene the woman was Candy Alexa which was the last scene and the largest facial.

Then the dream quickly jumped back to me in the other dream scene still trying to figure out the computer error, and I woke up before I could even think about what had just happened in those two brief random dream scenes that came / flashed out of nowhere and were not connected with me or the dream that I was in at all.

I have no idea what that was all about.

The end,

-John Jr

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