A Work Convention / Camp? | A Race With Politicians & A Celebrity Towing

Dream 1

This dream involved some kind of convention or camp or something that I was at along with some of my coworkers from The BP Library, some of my former classmates, some of my former schoolmates, and some other people.

To me it felt like this was part of some kind of work trip or something, it seemed work related, but I am not sure.

Some of the families / children of some of my coworkers and of some of the other people were possibly having fun in an arcade / recreational-like area while we went to various classes / classrooms in another part of the building.

This seemed to be something that took place once a year, I remember being inside a school-like building, and I remember going inside one of the classrooms that were along both sides of a hallway.

I could see through the windows into the hallway, so I could see other people in the other classrooms, and a different class was taking place in each classroom it seemed.

It seemed that we would learn something different in each classroom, I guess there were different teachers / presenters in each classroom, and I assumed that we would move to another classroom for another class after we finished each one; but I was not sure if we each had our own schedules or not.

During my class I remember seeing some people in other classrooms, across the hall from our classroom was a classroom where I saw what looked like maybe my female coworker JB, but I was not sure if it was her or not; and so I kept glancing over there sometimes trying to see if it was her or not.

The person was too far away for me to see them clearly enough, they seemed to be tall with light-color skin with long red hair wearing glasses, but I hoped that it was JB; and if it was JB then I hoped to talk to her after my class was over.

At some point the class was over and I went to walk to that classroom, a man bumped into me and he said hello, and it was my former male schoolmate CT who is the older brother of my former male classmate MT; and I greeted him back.

As I was walking to the classroom across the hall I also saw my former male classmate MT, Mr. CT who is the father of MT and CT, some other people I knew, and my former male classmate JB who was following me into the next classroom.

When I got into the classroom across the hallway all the people who had been in there were gone except for the person who was possibly my female coworker JB, this person was talking to someone who was sitting at a desk, it seemed that this person was telling them about what their class had been about like maybe that person had asked them as they were about to leave.

This person had their back facing me so I could not see their face and I could not hear their voice to even determine if they were male or female, so I still was not sure if it was my coworker JB or not, but I did notice that their hair was curlier and possibly had some blond streaks in it among the mostly red hair.

I was going to approach them to see if it was my coworker JB or not once they finished their conversation, but my former male classmate JB greeted me.

I asked my former classmate JB if we all had schedules or if we just randomly went to the various classes, he told me that we were supposed to try to go to as many classes as we could, and that we could go to them in any order that we wanted; and so we did not have schedules.

I then turned around to see if the person who was possibly my coworker JB was still in the classroom, but that person either was gone or I saw them walking down the hallway; and so I lost my chance to see if that was my coworker JB or not, and then I woke up.

Dream 2

The end of this dream started outside during the day at a race where American politicians and their families were having a race on foot and maybe in various other forms along the race route.

At some point a news crew who were there covering the race were also showing various crazy things that various American politicians had said over the years starting with only or mostly conservatives / Republicans, but then they moved to some liberals / Democrats like Nancy Pelosi.

They then approached some children with light-color skin who were elementary – junior high school or high school age who were children of one or two politicians who possibly used to be Democrats and were or used to be friends with Nancy Pelosi, they were running in the race at the time, and they asked them for their opinions about the crazy things that Nancy Pelosi supposedly said.

I remember the children telling them about how their family used to be friends with her et cetera, but they probably dodged the question.

The dream then jumped to a different dream scene where a male and a female celebrity with light-color skin were outside during the day having their automobile towed along a sidewalk by a street as some paparazzi recorded every thing.

The paparazzi got very close to them from the other side of the tow truck as the celebrities were whispering something to a somewhat older man with light-color skin who was the tow truck driver who was towing their automobile; and I assume that they were trying to get him to not tow their automobile or something.

They started complaining for the paparazzi to leave them alone, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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