Citizen’s Arrest | The Library Is Closed | JB’s Missing Book

Dream 1

I can only barely remember part of this dream which seemed to involve maybe some kind of disaster or serious situation going on that led to various people and I trying to get to a multi-purpose multi-story mall-like building that had a living quarters that was supposed to be safe, but you had to be processed first to see if they would allow you to stay there or not.

Traveling there was not as easy as it normally would, we had to travel using several travel methods like by foot and by one or more vehicles thanks to some of the people knowing people who would help us, and I was fortunate that I happened to be traveling with some random families who knew various people who could help us.

At some point we reached the mall-like building, we separated once we got there, the families probably went to be processed, and maybe they had their children wait in the waiting room of a medical clinic-like part of the building.

At some point I went to the waiting room where the kids were, one male employee was in an open room that was connected to the waiting room, and the only other adult there was a man with light-color skin with short red hair who looked somewhat like a taller rougher version of Jackie Earle Haley.

At some point the Jackie Earle Haley-like man started talking to some of the children, then he started touching one of the boy’s inappropriately, and so I confronted him; but he would not stop, and so I had to stop him.

I grappled the man to the ground as I told the male employee to call security and the parents of the children, the male employee kept telling us to stop instead of calling security or their parents, and I told him that I was stopping this man from touching the children inappropriately; and that he needed to call security to come get him now because I was not going to let him continue touching these kids like that or let him leave (basically a citizen’s arrest).

I held the man on the ground as I argued with the male employee, even though the man was taller than me he stood no chance against my better grappling skills, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place outside during the day outside of a fictional version of City Hall in the city of D, I possibly briefly spoke to my parents before this, and maybe this took place on a Saturday where I left work early at The BP Library which was closed to the public still.

An old man with light-color skin asked me if the library was open, he was talking about a fictional area inside the city hall building that the library used sometimes as a temporary library branch, and I had false memories of working there sometimes and of this being open sometimes including very recently.

I accidentally told him that it was open, and I kept walking; but then I stopped when I realized that I was wrong.

The library was closed today, and so I turned around to go find the old man to let him know of my mistake; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

In this dream I worked at The BP Library where I saw various coworkers of mine like my female coworkers JB, DC, AG, Ms. RB, KE, et cetera; and I possibly got to check in and / or check out some items for other people like maybe I got to help the shelvers and the clerks, but I was alone when I did this.

At some point I went home to my parents house, I talked with my brother GC in his bedroom briefly after returning, and then I walked to the living room; and to my surprise my female coworker JB was on the living room couch on the left side of the room.

I greeted JB letting her know that I was surprised that she was here, that I did not realize that she was here, and I was confused how she got here possibly before me when the last time I saw her she was at the library still working when I left I assumed.

JB handed me some papers without responding to my questions, one of the papers was a printed imaged of her holding a book inside the library, and she told me that she took that photograph today at work and that she had checked out that book at work today for herself but she could not find it before she left the library / work today.

JB asked me if I had seen the book that she had checked out, she was wondering if maybe I had accidentally checked it back in and shelved it or something, and I told her that I did not remember seeing it; but I stopped to think about it to make sure.

While I was thinking about it I got distracted by a moving image among the papers that she had handed me, it was a special printed image on maybe cardboard-like paper that was moving like it was digital, and maybe I saw another moving image among the papers that seemed to be one of those images that appear to be moving as you move it.

I was amazed by this, I let JB know how amazing this was, and I started asking her about these images trying to figure out if they were digital or not and how were they moving like that; but JB did not respond, and she just looked at me like she was waiting on me to finish being amazed before responding and / or like she was still waiting on me to finish remembering if I had seen her missing book or not because she probably wanted to read it over the weekend so maybe this dream took place on a Friday or Saturday.

Then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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